Voxel and Juniper join forces to ease the use of electronic payments for the Travel Industry

baVel, Voxel’s leading electronic transaction platform in the travel sector, has been integrated with  Juniper, a leading technology provider for the tourism industry, to boost B2B payments in the travel industry.

Voxel and Juniper join forces to ease the use of electronic payments for the Travel IndustryWith this alliance, Juniper clients will be able to directly access the baVel payment service provider ecosystem that currently integrates more than a dozen electronic-payment service providers.

The baVel and Juniper systems have been connected for over 10 years, offering electronic invoice issuance and reception services. From now on, travel companies that use Juniper as their main booking engine will also have the possibility to directly access to payment providers such as Barclaycard, XanderPay, eNett, Wex, Kantox or American Express without having to develop integrations with each of them.

The use of baVel payment solutions has a direct impact on travel industry management. In the case of hotels, it automates payments and eliminates manual processing of cards, in addition to being able to link certain rates to low-cost payment solutions. Meanwhile, OTAs, bedbanks and travel agencies can access an ecosystem of multiple payment solutions with one single integration, eliminating costly payment reconciliation and recovering VAT internationally.

Furthermore, baVel’s electronic payment services offer a secure, robust environment and PCI Compliance in all the countries it operates in. Companies like W2M, Fastpayhotels and Portimar are already working successfully with the integration between baVel and Juniper.

baVel will also be integrated into Cangooroo, Juniper’s booking engine for travel companies that plan to make a technological leap forward and expand globally. Cangooroo leads in Brazil and has a growing global presence. For current Cangooroo users, having a direct connection to an electronic transaction platform like baVel contributes real added value since the use of electronic invoicing in Latin America is very widespread. In fact, Brazil’s electronic invoicing system is one of the most successful and consolidated in the world.

About Voxel

Voxel Group is broadening new horizons in B2B Payments, eInvoicing and VAT refund technology. It offers leading solutions in eBilling, ePayments and supply chain via its baVel Platform and it boosts new opportunities for corporates in VAT management solutions via DevoluIVA.

Founded in 1998 in Barcelona, Voxel Group has been developing technology solutions with the aim of helping clients in the travel industry digitalize 100% of their billing processes for more than 21 years. Currently, we have grown and innovated to continue bringing value in the procurement, billing and payment circuits to all types of businesses, with a strong commitment to efficiency, process improvement and innovation. The main purpose of the company is creating a happy business network.

About Juniper

Juniper is a global company with headquarters in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) and offices in Miami (USA), Cali (Colombia), São Paulo (Brazil) and Dubai (UAE). It has a team of 280 professionals who are experts in internet, technology and tourism. With over 360 clients across more than 50 countries, Juniper is constantly expanding towards new markets. Since 2003, its activity has focused on providing technological solutions for the online distribution of travel products and also tools that automate processes in different online sales channels. A leader in XML connectivity, we offer over 350 integrations with providers of travel products. Our reservation systems have different modules such as accommodation, flights, services and transfers, cruises, car rentals, circuits and packages.

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