Using a Concierge App for Your Hotel: 7 Pros - Insights

Using a Concierge App for Your Hotel: 7 Pros

Using a Concierge App for your hotel
Using a Concierge App for your hotel

Today, people of all ages literally live on their smartphones. We use them to do our weekly shopping, buy tickets for planes, order medicines, call a taxi, just to name a few.  It is hard to deny that these devices have made our daily routines more enjoyable and easier. It is not a surprise that nowadays each and every company operating in the services sector strives to get a mobile app to win more clients.

Hotels are not an exception. Apparently, it is a must to stay competitive. 

As of now, there is a big selection of hospitality apps in the market,  created with one purpose – to improve the interaction with clients, gather and systemize data about their habits and preferences, simplify the process of booking and ordering services, and, ultimately, increase hotel revenues.  With all this variety, what are the features to look for? Let us discuss how to choose a good concierge app, what aspects to pay attention to, and what value it can create for a hotel, through the example of Concierge Guest App by HotelFriend

A branded app vs a SaaS solution

Ordering a personalized app from a reputable IT company sounds like a great idea. But it requires serious investment. And in case you run a small hotel, such a step will take a bite out of your wallet. Buying cloud-based, ready-made app on a monthly or yearly basis is a much more affordable, noncommittal option. 

However, that does not mean that this option is less profitable. In fact, if you choose HotelFriend Guest Concierge App, you will be provided with an innovative piece of software, developed and designed in accordance with the current IT trends. You will get a customizable profile, which will allow you to show your hotel to the best advantage and to offer your guests a full range of functions they may need for an enjoyable staying experience.

Hotel presentation and accessibility

Today most people prefer living a hectic life, and your potential customers are not likely to find enough free time to sit down in front of a computer to have a close look at the website of your company (if you have one). They are likely to look through hotel offers on the go, for example, while standing in line or drinking a cup of morning coffee at a cafe. No doubt, they will use their smartphones for that, and you should take that fact into account.

Effortless checking in/out 

Your guests will highly appreciate the opportunity to deal with these procedures without filling in the paper forms. Everything can be done online.

Sure, there are no safety risks. All guest data are reliably protected in compliance with the latest standards. 

Using a Concierge App for Your Hotel

A convenient tool to keep in touch.

Some guests may be unwilling to make calls each time they need to get some extra information about rooms or to make some changes to an order. Using an instant chat is much more comfortable. 

Control over orders.

All the information about each order, including the delivery time, zone, and the personal preferences of the client, should be instantly sent directly to the corresponding department. Such operational efficiency guarantees there will be no omissions or mistakes.

Secure and easy payments.

Making payments with the help of a smartphone is much more convenient than using cash or POS terminals. Today, you can hardly find a business that does not accept online payments. People have gotten so used to this situation that they have just stopped taking along cash. 

The introduction of online payments will contribute to the comfort of both personnel and clients. Your guests will not have to search for cash every time they want to pay for meals or get some extra goodies, and your employees will not spend time working with POS terminals. 


Your profile in the app must present all the services you offer: from food delivery to car rentals. Clients will have the opportunity to look through all the options and choose the ones they are interested in without leaving their rooms. When ordering services is so easy, people are much more eager to use them.

Do not miss the chance to significantly increase the customer and order flow without much effort or investment. Buy Hotel Guest Concierge App and become a powerful player in the market of hotel services!

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