Hospitality 2.0 – what’s next?

What do the next 5-10 years look like? The Hospitality industry is in need of an upgrade to a new version. ‘Hospitality 2.0’ is a call to action for proactive change that will help hoteliers compete against the growing challenges presented by alternative accommodations, technological advancement, the COVID pandemic and labour constraints. It outlines a path forward for the digital transformation of our industry.

Author of “Hospitality Revenue Management Made Easy“, “Hospitality 2.0” is Ira’s second book, focused on defining what we can expect in the future, the trends, consumer and industry changes.

We discuss:

  1. The most influential recent disruptions that have shaped the industry.
  2. The most prominent industry trends for the future.
  3. The main opportunities that lie ahead for the industry.
  4. What is Hospitality 2.0?
  5. How the book will help industry professionals, as well as hospitality academia, become more relevant and students to be more prepared for the new hospitality world.
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Ira Vouk
Hospitality 2.0

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About Ira Vouk:

Ira Vouk is a hospitality consultant and technology innovator who brings nearly two decades of practical industry experience, predominantly championing the role of revenue management and the use of technology to provide hospitality companies with insight to lead their business strategy better. She is also a published author, speaker and educator on revenue and profit optimization, distribution and hospitality technology.

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