The paradox of hotel marketing - Insights

The paradox of hotel marketing


We say we are in the hospitality industry. We say we care about service, but our conversations spin around investing, real estate and interior design.

We discuss:

  • What exactly is the paradox of hotel marketing.
  • The importance of marketing in today’s competitive industry
  • How to communicate the quality of your service through your marketing channels.
  • What a good hotel website looks like in order to drive direct bookings.
  • Do you need to invest heavily in marketing and hire a top-tier agency to compete?

Bärbel Pfeiffer
Digital Marketer
Text Spot On

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About Text Spot On:

Bärbel is a former hotelier and a digital marketer – on a mission to transform the way hoteliers look at marketing. Her mantra: A good hotel experience has much more value to your guest than a location and a room.


With Text Spot On, she helps hotels put into words what differentiates them from everybody else – a vivid picture of a unique hotel experience that attracts ideal guests and direct bookings.


And with high occupancies and healthy ADRs, hoteliers can finally strike a better life/work balance!

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