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Long haul travel preparations should be considered for eager UK millennials

UK millennials are the most likely to book an international trip in 2020 – with 49% agreeing* that they would rebook in a survey by GlobalData.

Long haul travel preparations should be considered for eager UK millennialsShort-haul travel trips to European destinations have now come into play, but the government need to collaborate with the aviation industry in order to start considering how long-haul flight operations will operate to ensure a full recovery, says GlobalData, a Leading Data & Analytics company.

Johanna Bonhill-Smith, Travel & Tourism analyst at GlobalData comments: “The news that UK millennials are the most likely to embark on international trips in 2020 is not a surprise, as this age group is already recognized as one of the most active traveler demographics. People around the ages of 25-34, typically seek more remote destinations, therefore, the prospect of a long-haul flight will not likely be as intimidating compared to other age groups. Moreover, millennials are not in the vulnerable risk zone for COVID-19 and will therefore be the most confident to travel.”

From 3 July, the UK Government released a list of 60 countries where UK travelers will be exempt from quarantine, but, for the moment, it remains that the majority of countries outside of Europe still require UK travelers to quarantine on arrival.

Bonhill-Smith adds: “As the transition period for Brexit comes to an end, Europe will still appeal as a travel destination, yet countries further afield may hold a greater appeal. However, long haul travel may be labelled with ‘red’ zones, which should soon be a key consideration when travelling.”

Pre COVID-19, travelers were more or less in total control of their holiday decisions based on the attractiveness of a destination – the government now holds greater power in the purchasing processes and should continuously be working with the aviation industry to reach this ‘new normal’.

Bonhill-Smith concludes: “Common international standards need to be organized for long haul travel to become possible to not only restore confidence in the travel market, but also aid travel recovery.”

* Based on ‘strongly agree’ or ‘agree’ responses

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