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How to not overwhelm new hotel hires in the ‘new normal’

Even with all the technology and automation, hotels thrive due to their human capital. The best in the biz are companies that cultivate their ‘bench strength’ so that every team members feels like part of a family and are ready to step into a new role with gusto.

New Hotel Hires

Building new capability in hospitality teams

As hospitality is a service-based industry at its core, it’s our people, our employees who help shape the guest experience and keep those guests coming back. They form the biggest asset to the industry and that’s why it’s crucial to continue investing and growing your people.

human capital

eLearning key to maximise hotel profit during post-covid recovery

Maximising hotel profit during this post-Covid recovery requires a focus on the three core areas: customer satisfaction, increasing revenue and controlling costs. Key to achieving these objectives is strong leadership supported by a motivated, highly-skilled team – all of which can be bolstered through online continuous professional development.

hotel profit

How training your staff can help you retain them

Training is valuable not just to your employees, but to your business. Training your staff can help you retain them and is a valuable method to keep employees engaged, inspired and informed, and keep your business ahead of the curve.

training your staff can help you retain
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