Automation implementation in hotels: Truths and myths

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Is the future of hospitality to have robots instead of people welcoming guests? Maybe, maybe not. But the truth is that as the times move, the demands of modern travellers continue to increase as well, and hotels start to recognize the growing need to streamline processes to maximise efficiency.

In other words, they are looking more towards tech and automation to boost their team’s efficiency.

However, no one can deny there are still many half-truths and myths around automation in hospitality. From “it will take away all the personal touch” to “we should get rid of people”, wrong ideas start to flow and there is a deep need to eradicate them and share the actual truth about automation for accommodation brands.

In this article, we will explore three myths and three truths about automation and hotel technology.

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Myth 1: It Will Take Away the Personal Touch

One prevailing myth suggests that automation will strip away the cherished personal touch that guests seek when choosing a hotel. But is that so?

The truth is automation can be used in many departments. Some might include areas that face guests like the check-in process, while others are directly related to your operations, like orders, task management, creation of guest journeys, and more.

This being said, using automation in the right way means that you will be able to save time that otherwise would be wasted with repetitive tasks. This gives you more time to think about that personal touch and stay in contact with guests.

Myth 2: People go to a hotel and expect a host

Another misconception revolves around the belief that every guest arrives at a hotel with the expectation of encountering a human host. While this may hold for some, the truth is that preferences vary widely.

Guests, being diverse in their preferences, appreciate different levels of interaction. Some relish the seamless, tech-driven experience, while others crave the warmth of human connection. The key lies in finding a delicate balance that caters to both ends of the spectrum.

Embracing automation doesn’t mean eliminating the human touch. Instead, it opens avenues for customization, allowing guests to choose the level of personal interaction that aligns with their desires.

For example, if you enable the option of online check-in and mobile keys, guests who desire a more low-profile stay, will be able to get to their room without having much interaction, while guests who want to be welcomed by a person, will enjoy the attention of the host.

Myth 3: Technology is made to replace people

Perhaps one of the most spread myths is that technology will make the jobs of some people unnecessary. However, the truth is that technology is best used when it is put to empower people instead of replacing them.

The results you can obtain if you use technology to enhance your team’s work are by far better than the ones you would obtain by replacing your employees with new software or tech.

Remember, automation is crafted to enhance efficiency, freeing up human resources to focus on more intricate and personalized aspects of guest service. It’s not a competition but a collaboration, creating a harmonious blend that enriches the overall guest experience

Truth 1: Guests have different preferences

As mentioned before, understanding the diverse preferences of guests is pivotal in successful automation implementation. Some guests prefer a streamlined, contactless experience, while others yearn for face-to-face interactions.

The key point for your business relies on catering for both needs. Make sure you can serve well to those who want high technology but also those who want high touch, meaning, a warm welcome and traditional interactions. This will overall enhance guest satisfaction.

Truth 2: Technology and human interaction can live together

It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

For example, you can use technology to automate your marketing campaigns. In this way, all the messages will be sent without someone having to do it one by one. But you will have a professional taking care of creating the content and personalising it according to the type of guests. Hence, the best of both worlds.

The same can happen for online check-in. You will have tech set in place to automate the process, but your property will have people at front desk ready to help whoever wants to chat or ask for more detailed information or instructions.

The beauty of automation lies in its ability to coexist with human interaction. It’s not a binary choice of one over the other. A well-thought-out integration ensures that technology enhances efficiency without diminishing the warmth and personal touch that human interaction brings to the table.

Truth 3: Technology won’t fix your guest experience

Perhaps the most crucial truth to recognise is that technology alone cannot fix a broken guest experience. If the foundation is flawed, simply adding automation won’t remedy the underlying issues. A holistic approach is required, addressing and refining the overall guest experience before introducing technology for maximum impact.

While automated check-ins, smart room controls, and other tech innovations can undoubtedly contribute to a seamless stay, they are just pieces of the puzzle. A truly exceptional guest experience involves a holistic approach that encompasses personalized service, attention to detail, and a genuine understanding of individual preferences.

Technology serves as a valuable tool, streamlining processes and providing conveniences. However, it cannot replace the human element that defines hospitality. Genuine interactions, thoughtful gestures, and responsive staff are integral to creating a memorable guest experience.


In navigating the landscape of automation in hotels, dispelling myths and embracing truths is essential. It’s about finding a delicate equilibrium where technology enhances efficiency without compromising the intrinsic qualities that make the hospitality industry exceptional. As we evolve, let’s ensure that automation becomes a tool for enrichment, not a replacement, in the tapestry of guest experiences.

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