Radisson Hotel Group bolsters African presence with 7 additional hotels and over 1,200 new rooms including a landmark entry in Tanzania

Radisson Hotel Group is delighted to announce the addition of seven new hotels, adding over 1,200 hotel rooms to its African portfolio and its debut in Tanzania within the first half of 2024. With those additions, the Group’s footprint in Africa has grown to nearly 100 hotels in operation and development, placing the Group well on track to reach its goal of 150 hotels within the next five years. 

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How Bookboost helps hotels to grow direct bookings

Direct bookings have become practically a science among hoteliers. Everyone is trying to understand what to do to increase their direct channels because, while OTAs give you great exposure, you can be 100% dependent on them.


Automation implementation in hotels: Truths and myths

Is the future of hospitality to have robots instead of people welcoming guests? Maybe, maybe not. But the truth is that as the times move, the demands of modern travellers continue to increase as well, and hotels start to recognize the growing need to streamline processes to maximise efficiency.


BPN Maestro: Empowering Hotels for Operational Excellence

BPN Maestro, the cutting-edge Hotel Operations Toolkit, is delighted to announce expanded partnerships with top-tier hospitality companies specializing in digital operations, training solutions, and guest experience enhancements. Through seamless integration with these esteemed partners, BPN Maestro empowers hotels to elevate their operational efficiency and guest satisfaction through comprehensive reporting and analytics.

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10 Creative Ways Hotels Can Boost Revenue Through Upselling

In the competitive landscape of the hospitality industry, hoteliers are constantly exploring innovative ways to increase revenue and enhance the guest experience. Upselling presents a lucrative opportunity for hotels to maximize their profits while providing added value to guests. By implementing creative upselling strategies, hotels can drive additional revenue streams and foster guest loyalty. Here are ten creative ways hotels can engage in upselling:

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Breaking Barriers: Hotels Are Reclaiming Power in Website Management

A company’s website serves as a powerful conduit for customer engagement, brand representation, and revenue generation. Nowhere is this more evident than in the hospitality industry, where a hotel website frequently marks the first point of contact with potential guests. Amidst discussions on digital marketing and website management, a pivotal question emerges: where should the control over website content and functionality reside – with its creators or with the businesses they represent, such as hotels striving to enhance their online presence with superior content and features?

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