Guest satisfaction: 6 tactics to increase it in your property

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Imagine a weary traveller stepping into your hotel, their excitement for their stay slowly deflating as they’re met with disappointment.

They had a hard time finding your hotel, the room they booked is not ready, the restaurant they looked forward to is closed, they can’t find the hotel’s WIFI password while they wait in the lobby and there’s no secure place to stash their luggage. Their enthusiasm wanes, and their initial impression of your hotel takes a hit.

That’s how fast guest satisfaction can go from high to low.

Guest satisfaction is a way of measuring just how content your guests are with the overall experience of the hospitality, services, and amenities your hotel provides. You don’t need to look further than the reviews and ratings from your guests to gauge the level of satisfaction, as these hold the key to your hotel’s success.

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In the end, it’s these moments of delight and care that ensure a guest’s stay is not just a room, but an unforgettable experience.

Why is guest satisfaction significant?

Guest satisfaction reflects how well a company’s offerings align with the expectations of its customers. It stands as a crucial gauge for predicting customer loyalty and future purchase decisions. Despite the apparent clarity of this definition, discerning what “satisfied customers” truly mean for your business is complex.

In the selection of lodging, half of travellers seek guidance from family and friends, while almost an equal percentage 49% rely on social media for recommendations.

Furthermore, even a modest increase of 1 point (on a 5-point scale) in a property’s review ratings can result in an 11% increase in the daily room rate.

When your property delivers memorable guest experiences, you’re rewarded with repeat business and loyal brand advocates who share their great experiences far and wide. This ultimately drives your future growth.

6 easy ways to improve guest satisfaction in hotels

Now that we’ve explored the significance of elevating guest satisfaction and why it matters, let’s delve into the practical side. If you’re aiming to enhance hotel guest satisfaction swiftly, here are nine tried-and-true strategies to consider.

  1. Choose the channels your guests use

When reaching out, your guests may begin with an email, transition to text or live chat, and sometimes conclude with a phone call. Remarkably, 86% of them anticipate a seamless conversation, regardless of the communication channel.

To ensure your guests’ satisfaction, you require an adaptable marketing solution that operates seamlessly across the diverse channels preferred by your guests. Moreover, it should efficiently gather and centralise guest data, readily accessible to all team members who interact with guests.

  1. Design Personalised journeys

Your guests seek that personal touch and a sense of familiarity, with nearly 90% of travellers desiring customized experiences while on their journeys.

Fortunately, advanced technology empowers hotel staff with immediate access to detailed guest profiles, enabling them to craft personalised guest experiences.

For example, if you’re aware that a couple is celebrating their anniversary, you can add a special touch by arranging for chilled champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries to greet them upon arrival, turning their stay into a memorable celebration.

  1. Round-the-Clock Support for Guest Inquiries

Being available around the clock, especially for guests arriving from various time zones, can make a significant impression.

Having different channels of communication can be complicated but with the right tools, you can still save time. One great way to do it is by gathering all the channels into one general overview. In this way, it will take less time to answer your guests.

This enables you to engage with your guests when their interest is at its peak, swiftly addressing frequently asked questions and facilitating their booking process.

  1. Make the booking a simple process

Enhancing guest relations involves optimizing the reservation process for ease and efficiency. Acknowledge the significant share of online travel sales, ranging from 30% to 40%, conducted via mobile devices. Consequently, prioritize a mobile-oriented website design to cater to this demographic.

Additionally, guests often find inspiration through visual content on platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn. Implement a user-friendly platform that simplifies guest interaction across social media channels, facilitating seamless monitoring and engagement. Integrate your social media accounts directly into your booking system to streamline the process and reduce unnecessary steps for guests.

  1. Anticipate your guests’ needs (and respond to them quickly!)

Guests’ behaviors and preferences have evolved over time, shifting towards a desire for greater control over their guest experience and an increased emphasis on personalization. To meet these evolving expectations, it’s crucial to anticipate your guests’ needs and take a proactive approach.

You might be wondering, “How can I measure guests’ satisfaction during their stay?” Employing clever feedback collection methods can significantly enhance guest contentment. You can enquire about their stay experience through various channels and at different moments, such as when they log in to your Wi-Fi or place an order for room service via the tablet in their room.

Maintaining ongoing communication with your guests throughout their stay can bring to light issues that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

  1. Don’t abandon your guests after check-out

The guest experience is an ongoing journey that extends beyond the check-out point. Leveraging the right technology empowers you to maintain and nurture these valuable relationships through regular email newsletters and enticing promotions.

By using the guest data stored in your hotel CRM, you can create campaigns with special discounts for returning guests, inviting them to your especial events or to join your loyalty program.

If you have properties in other cities, this is an excellent opportunity to re-engage with guests, inviting them to visit your other locations.


Increasing guest satisfaction in your property requires a holistic approach that encompasses every aspect of the guest experience.

To ensure guests leave with a smile, seamlessly integrating technology and the human touch is key. From streamlined booking to personalized experiences, addressing concerns 24/7, and responding to reviews, it’s an ongoing journey of excellence. In conclusion, guest satisfaction isn’t a metric; it’s a way of life, where each guest is special, and creating lasting memories is the true art of hospitality.

Remember, happy guests not only become loyal customers but also act as ambassadors for your property, attracting new visitors through positive word-of-mouth.

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