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Johanna Bernuy
Johanna Bernuy
Marketing Manager
Bookboost AB

About Johanna Bernuy:

Johanna is in charge of all the marketing initiatives and growing the awareness of Bookboost in the market.

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webinar nov 23

Guest Experience: Dos and don’ts for 2024: a webinar you cannot miss!

Whether you are part of the marketing area, operations or revenue management, if you belong to the hotel industry, this is for you.
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Guests expectations on 2024: A complete guide on how to engage them

Picture this: Are you ready to take your hospitality game to the next level in 2024? As time passes and technology keeps evolving, we enter into a new era of...
pre-stay communication ideas

8 pre-stay communication ideas to increase guest satisfaction

The pre-stay stage gives you a great opportunity to engage with your guests and set the tone for their upcoming experience. However, it's essential to remember that not all guests...
Guest Loyalty

Measuring guest loyalty – key metrics CEOs need to pay attention to

Everyone is talking about guest loyalty and how it is key for any accommodation business. But how important it really is? And, is it something only certain areas of a...