Power of direct bookings: Elevate your hotel’s game in 2024

STAAHIt’s important to plan an effective strategy to drive direct bookings and attract potential guests to your property. Here are 6 easy ways hoteliers can drive direct bookings in 2024 and beyond.

The world of hospitality is changing rapidly, especially with everyone being online. Direct bookings are emerging as the new frontier for hotels in creating demand and saving them on commissions.

While OTAs undeniably hold sway, the true gold lies in harnessing the potential of direct bookings. 

Let’s explore game-changing strategies that can propel your hotel towards a higher share of direct bookings.

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1. Showcase a Captivating Website Experience

Your hotel’s website is the storefront of the digital age. Ensure it’s not just functional but a magnet for potential guests.

Weave compelling stories through captivating content, showcasing the uniqueness of your property and its prime location.

Shout out your exclusive offers prominently. Don’t let the perks of direct booking hide in the shadows.

Make those call-to-action buttons, especially the gateway to your booking engine, impossible to ignore, right at the top where guests can’t miss them.

Mobile-friendly website is non-negotiable. Optimize for smaller screens, ensuring a seamless experience for users on the go.

Need for speed! A fast-loading website is your secret weapon. Users won’t wait around, so keep it swift.

2. Embrace Technology to Attract and Convert

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While rate parity clauses may tie your hands, smart pricing models can still make direct rates irresistible.

Leverage your hotel channel manager and booking engine like SwiftBook to strategically enhance your direct booking appeal.

Introduce add-ons, packages, and incentives, crafting a pricing model that draws guests directly to your doorstep.

Make it so attractive that the booker is compelled to book with you directly.

3. Unleash the Power of Email Marketing

Your database is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Dive into email marketing to create exclusive flash sales that captivate your audience.

Craft targeted email campaigns to stimulate direct bookings without triggering rate parity concerns.

Plus during peak seasons or festive seasons make sure to send out offers and deals to your exclusive database.

Personalization is key for a stellar guest experience. Make your guests feel special with tailor-made offers that speak directly to their preferences.

4. Harness the Influence of Social Proof

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In an era dominated by social media, your online presence matters more than ever.

Integrate social media campaigns into your marketing strategy for increased visibility.

Elevate the impact of guest reviews by showcasing them on your website. Actively manage and respond to feedback, demonstrating your commitment to guest satisfaction.

5. Empower Your Frontline – Your Employees

Your staff are your greatest advocates. Incentivize them to champion direct bookings.

Train and encourage your team to upsell and promote the benefits of booking directly.

Their firsthand connection with guests positions them as powerful influencers in driving direct bookings.

6. Boost Your Searchability

Visibility is the key to success in the digital age. Enhance your online presence to capture the attention of potential guests.

Leverage meta-search engines, particularly Google Hotels, to amplify your reach.

Make use of STAAH’s Get Google feature for seamless connectivity and real-time updates.


As we navigate the landscape of hotel management in 2024, the call to elevate your direct booking game is clear. Implement these strategies, embrace technology, and connect with the STAAH team for a free technology audit to ensure you’re not just keeping up but leading the charge in the race for direct bookings. Your hotel’s success story awaits—start writing it today!

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STAAH is a New Zealand-based technology company that specialises in cloud-based channel management and booking engine for accommodation providers helping them maximise their online revenue. Founded by Gavin Jeddo in 2008, a pioneer in the field of distribution technology, STAAH’s industry-leading technology powers a property’s distribution through online travel agencies (OTA) and direct bookings. STAAH partners with over 19000+ properties across 90 countries through its operations in New Zealand, Australia, India, UAE, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Middle East, UK and Europe.

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