YellowSquare: How to simplify operations and elevate the guest experience?

If there is one thing that overwhelms hospitality brands, it is how to do more with less.

How to save time but at the same time provide a top-notch service. How to be faster but at the same time stand out in front of other brands.

Although it is a challenge, a great way to start is by getting inspiration from other brands that are getting great results.

And this is the case of @YellowSquare, a leading Italian hostel chain that has found a combination that works. They are using tech not to replace their team but to empower them, and they have developed best practices that helped to enhance their brand.

Marco Coppola, their CIO, will share all their learnings in this upcoming session.

He will talk about how his team is using technology to elevate the guest experience and save time and be more efficient.

If you are looking to improve your property’s operations and get insights on how to help your team, this session is a must-attend.

Register here.

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