Can mobile concierge improve the guest experience in hotels & deliver staff efficiencies?

Mobile concierge (also known as digital concierge or service requests) can unlock a host of benefits for both staff and guestsmobile concierge alike and deliver new ways of optimising resources and driving revenue.

According to Hospitality Technology’s 2022 Customer Engagement Survey, 73% of guests want to interact with hotels via their smartphones, so what better way than providing guests with an online means of making requests or accessing information in the palm of their hands?

Here, we explore how mobile concierge can fulfil a host of needs for both hoteliers and guests…

Mobile concierge or online service requests can elevate the hotel’s guest experience by providing guests with a convenient and efficient way of accessing information and making requests.

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And by providing guests with this service, hotels can streamline staff resources by reducing the need for staff to answer repetitive questions or perform routine tasks. This enables staff to focus on providing more personalised service and addressing more complex guest needs.

How can mobile concierge improve the guest experience in hotels?

Digital concierge services provide guests with personalised, timely information and assistance through a mobile app or website. Guests can use the service to make reservations, request housekeeping or maintenance services, and access information about the hotel and local area. Overall, it can improve guest satisfaction and enhance the guest experience by providing guests with more control and convenience during their stay.

The 7Pines Ibiza Resort uses IRIS’s mobile concierge and digital guest directory to provide their guests with a first-class and efficient service:

“It gives our guests a seamless means of communicating with us to and the ability to order their favourite food and drink items online.

With the app, guests can make quick and instant service requests to staff – from requesting extra pillows and using the laundry service to asking general questions to the concierge team; staff will receive these requests online and facilitate them quickly and efficiently, communicating with the guests if need be. Requests can be made in just one click, and guests can add messages to housekeeping if required.

Additionally, the guest directory provides a sustainable, cost-effective way for guests to find information about the hotel, our facilities and the local area, at a click of a button.”

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IRIS is a global market leader in digital F&B ordering, guest directory and concierge solutions for hotels and restaurants, working with many of the world’s leading chains including Marriott, Hilton, Mandarin Oriental, IHG and Four Seasons.

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