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How breakfast service can be a profit center for your hotel

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How to make breakfast profitableTaking care of breakfast in various aspects means laying the foundations for significant increases in turnover and profits.

Did you know? OTAs show “breakfast included” as a primary search filter for hotel guests. It’s not surprising that guests want to maximize their time and energy by enjoying breakfast within the hotel as it’s one less decision they need to make in their busy schedules.

For example, TripAdvisor’s TripIndex Breakfast shared statistics indicating guest habits. One of these is their breakfast preferences. 65% of the customers interviewed admitted they chose the hotel based on breakfast service. 91% said they prefer an in-hotel breakfast, and for 83%, breakfast service is essential for a positive hotel experience.

In the ebook, Breakfast as a Profit Center, you’ll see how thinking of breakfast as a profit center – setting, food, service, environment – impacts your hotel’s brand reputation and revenue management methodology.

Below you find an overview of all topics.

  • What does “Breakfast Included” Mean for Your Hotel’s Search Results?
  • How Food Can Be an Integral Part of Your Hotel’s Identity
    • Four Subtle Guest-Pleasing Dining Room Details
  • Operation and Costs: Why These May be Different Than You Think
    • The Operational Management Side
    • Breakfast Costs
  • A Different Lens: Breakfast Full Cost (BFC)
    • How to calculate the BFC of a property, a case study
    • The applications of the BFC
  • Revenue Management Helps You Go Beyond Cost Control, a case study
  • How Does Breakfast Fit In With a Room Only Rate?
  • Hotel Breakfast and the Relationship with Brand Reputation and Revenue Management


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