Capsolve announces Loyalty Solution Research for Hotels, Restaurants and Amenities

Capsolve Loyalty Solution ResearchCapsolve announces the completion of a new research category covering Loyalty (LOY) solutions for Hotels and Restaurants along with partial coverage for the Spa, Vacation Rental, and Golf industries. This category consists of numerous vendors of all sizes and is classified as Medium based on the number of companies it contains.

The research identified five (5) primary styles based on self-contained Loyalty solutions, including solutions with a primary focus of the Hotel or Restaurant industry in addition to those centered around Loyalty Networks of multiple brands and locations, Multi-Industry Loyalty Platforms, or Payment Solutions. While Capsolve’s overall research covers Loyalty style modules that are part of a Hotel PMS or Restaurant POS system, these Loyalty modules are not part of this analysis.

Multiple countries were represented by at least one vendor located within their borders. The dispersion across countries was found to be Low and is influenced by the prevalence of loyalty programs within each country. Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States lead the array of countries with the most vendor headquarters.

As it relates to buyers of Loyalty software, the needs most serviceable with the vendors’ software products include managing Customer Information, how they handle the Loyalty Basis of the program, and Membership Management. The products in this category are specifically designed for the industries they serve and provide a significant array of features to address an increasing set of capabilities. Capsolve defines the requirements complexity level of this category as Medium.

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All of the above information is covered in more detail in the full report. An introduction to this research is accessible to the industry online at Notifications of all research reports are sent to Capsolve’s newsletter subscribers. You may also find a comprehensive view of the category in the full version of each report as part of Capsolve’s Introductory Research Plan.

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Capsolve is a research and services company providing timely insights into marketing, operations and technology solutions for the hotel, restaurant and golf industries.

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