Global hospitality industry welcomes Annette, the Virtual Hotel Agent

Travel Outlook Premium Hotel Call Center® continues its introduction of AnnetteTM, the hotel industry’s first AI-powered voice assistant.

The difference between Annette and other voice bots such as Siri or Alexa lies in her power to more accurately understand the question being asked by a hotel guest.  Annette has been programmed with a new model of Natural Language Understanding software based on human conversations, resulting in a powerful new way for her to understand what guests are requesting, and for her to provide the correct answer.

“We are encouraged by the reception Annette has received from our call center partners”, says Kimberly Berry, Director of Digital Business Development, “Annette’s ability to help to control fixed labor costs and address the challenges they are experiencing in hiring customer service staff have been apparent to them immediately.”

Programmed and deployed by hospitality contact center experts Travel Outlook, Annette can answer up to 60% of the calls being handled by the hotel’s front desk, providing an extremely affordable solution to improving guest service.

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Kimberly Berry
Director of Digital Business Development
Travel Outlook

“Many of our clients are looking to replace their antiquated IVR systems with Annette”, says Berry.  “Rather than hearing ‘press one for reservations, press two for the restaurant’, guests can hear in a pleasant human voice, ‘thank you for calling!  How can I help’?  Annette’s ability to transfer calls to extensions and answer most FAQs makes the experience much more enjoyable.”

Soon Annette will feature API interfaces with common hotel software platforms, and her ability to work in different languages is an added advantage. “Annette’s ability to handle calls in Japanese, Spanish, and other commonly used languages is critically important as travel resumes globally”, say Berry, “and Annette can address these needs.”


Kimberly Berry, Director of Business Development

Travel Outlook Premium Hotel Call Center | Office: 800-745-9910 | Mobile: 505-364-3807

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