Paramount Hospitality Management™ partners with Travel Outlook, the premier hotel call center™ to boost conversions

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In a search for a trustworthy technology partner that’s experience and reputation in the hospitality industry match the high standards at Paramount Hospitality Management™, the company has partnered with Travel Outlook, The Premier Hotel Call Center™ to combat labor shortages and increase conversion rates.

Paramount Hospitality™ has been a titan of the hotelier industry since its inception in 2001. Founder Marco Manzie has worked in the hotel business since he was 17. He took his decades of experience and founded Paramount Hospitality Management™, a family-owned and operated hospitality group in Orlando, Florida. From their first project, which resulted in the creation of the number one family-friendly hotel in all of Florida, to today, Paramount Hospitality Management™ has displayed a track record of award-winning excellence.

The executive team at Paramount Hospitality Management™ saw a wave of change sweep over the industry in 2020 and has looked to new technology to combat the industry’s ever-changing landscape. “We saw in 2020 that labor in hospitality was going to be a problem. Due to labor shortages, we discovered that many of our guest services operations could be executed at a high level through the use of modern technology. We looked to tech to fill the void and aid in cost control, but we also wanted to increase conversions and retain our high standards of operation and guest satisfaction. We saw Travel Outlook as the ideal partner.” Marco Manzie Jr.

As the only call center certified by the Kennedy Training Network, Travel Outlook was the obvious choice for Paramount Hospitality Management™. The team at Paramount Hospitality Management™ first learned about Travel Outlook and its proven track record through the Kennedy Training Network. What began as a search for a third party to handle overflow and overnight calls without sacrificing quality and guest satisfaction, culminated in a partnership between Travel Outlook and Paramount Hospitality Management™.

Travel Outlook is an innovative, custom off-site central reservations office (CRO) service that serves as either a primary or overflow reservations department for hotels. Travel Outlook utilizes industry-leading talent combined with hospitality-specific AI-powered technology (Annette, The Virtual Hotel Agent) to enhance customers’ voice channels and increase conversation rates.

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“Travel Outlook is delighted to partner with Paramount Hospitality Management™, an organization that has proven time and time again to be ahead of the curve in the hospitality business. Travel Outlook’s innovative use of AI automatically finds and corrects mistakes by call center agents as they occur, significantly improving efficiency and the overall call experience. As the only hotel call center certified by the Kennedy Training Network, we’re confident in our highly skilled, hospitality-minded call center agents and their purpose-driven sales focus. Along with our industry-leading technology, we’ll help take Paramount’s voice channel to new heights, boosting conversation rates while meeting their high standard for excellence.” John Smallwood, President of Travel Outlook.


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Travel Outlook The Premier Hotel Call Center™ has become the premier voice reservations team in hospitality.

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