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Hotel AI chatbotIn 2022, industries across the country are facing critical staff shortages that threaten to cripple their day-to-day operations. Despite the hospitality industry recovering from the disastrous events of the past two years, staff shortages still plague many hotels.

Staffing shortages can negatively impact guests’ experiences, deter future reservations, and lead to a significant loss in business. If you’re looking for a way to reduce your fixed labor expenses without falling victim to typical problems associated with staff shortages, consider investing in the next generation of artificial intelligence-powered voice bots designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

AI, for when a personal touch isn’t necessary

It’s no secret that a personal touch can go a long way. A friendly smile and a kind gesture can move mountains in service-oriented industries. Sometimes, however, a personal touch is unnecessary and even can be a hindrance to speed and efficiency.

If Airbnb and the storied vacation rental industry can teach hotels anything, it’s that sometimes it’s best to get out of the way and let guests enjoy their stay on their own. While there’s no denying that a talented and hardworking customer service representative cannot be replaced, the last two years have made it clear that there are aspects of a travelers stay that could be expedited without human contact.

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Annette™, The Virtual Hotel Agent™

Annette is an intelligent voice bot system that represents the latest technological advancements in customer service-specific artificial intelligence technology.

Unlike previous, outdated voice bots, Annette has a proven caller retention rate that benefits any hotel. Compared to most reservation department staff members, Annette’s advanced AI-powered voice bot technology allows it to understand conversational tones and inflection across virtually any language. She can answer most questions a guest may have, even questions that are specific to your hotel. Additionally, Annette can route calls and send follow-up texts.

Address labor shortages with artificial intelligence

When your reservation department is affected by labor shortages, it can snowball into a larger issue with disastrous consequences. For instance, if your front desk staff needs to pick up the slack and man the phone lines at the risk of losing future reservations, current guests will suffer. Rather than put your staff in a difficult position where they would have to assume several roles to continue day-to-day operations, invest in a technological solution.

If you’re trying to bandage your staff shortage problem with traditional IVR answering systems, chances are you’re losing business. Annette will answer many of the questions asked without any involvement from hotel staff, always offering an immediate transfer-to-human option. Studies have shown that this can be up to 60% of a front desk’s call volume.

Reduce fixed labor expenses

Designed specifically for the hospitality industry, Annette represents the latest in IVR answering system innovations and is surprisingly affordable. In fact, Annette will save your property tens of thousands of dollars in fixed labor expenses as she can do the work of, and for, several departments.

Annette isn’t a cost but an investment in your business’s future and the future of the hospitality industry. Even after labor shortages cease to be an issue in the hospitality industry, Annette will continue to serve your business and save you money all while providing hoteliers with an engaging, on-brand experience.

Annette offers hoteliers best-in-class caller engagement while delivering unrivaled flexibility for callers. Now, hoteliers can embrace the technology of the next generation and harness it to increase reservations, save money, to focus staff on what’s important – your valued hotel guests.

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