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What is a hotel management system?

Hotel management systemsBeing a multifunctional process, the guest accommodation business requires strict control over all aspects of its work, while working on the constant competitiveness and customer demand for its brand.

Present-day places of accommodation and their chains solve such a difficult task by means of business processes automation. High-tech solutions let the guest facilities not only to qualitatively change the level of service provided, but also to facilitate reliable planning of their work, establish accounting and control over profits and expenses, eliminate human errors, and increase the enterprise’s earning power. That is why, today website for hotel management and pms – property management systems – have become a necessary component of this kind of business, providing for its relevance and profitability.

So, what is a property management system?

What is a pms system? HMS or PMS systems are specialized hotel pms software – “smart software” that switches most of the routine operations that require increased attention into automatic mode, and is capable of performing many other useful functions.

By controlling various work processes and the relevance of information about the room capacity on external resources, soft hotel pms and booking engines websites helps to process data and documents, arrange occupancy of the hotel facility, stores the necessary data and generates reports, significantly reducing the staff workload. Such automation makes for more efficient operation of the places of accommodation and provides for their compliance with the accepted world service standards.

How to choose a reliable PMS system?

Contemporary market offers hoteliers a lot of options for such software and you should choose it proceeding from the challenges your hotel business faces.

Some of such programs can be highly specialized for certain areas of work of places of accommodation or offer a lot of features that is superfluous in your work. However, it is extremely important to choose the right software, because your business automation performance will depend on it.

For example, PMS OtelMS, the popular hotel property management system, is a unique comprehensive solution recognized in the world market, covering all the necessary aspects of this kind of work and is great for monitoring and working with a variety of guest accommodation facilities.

Why OtelMS?

This property management system, including hotel facilities, is created by hoteliers and provides their most pressing needs in such a process as business control. Taking into account the company’s many years of successful experience in managing hotel facilities, its developers have created a universal system that can not only simplify their work, but also make it as effective as possible.

PMS OtelMS offers a convenient hotel information system and a reliable booking center pms, which not only makes it possible to increase the number of potential and actual guests, but also helps to control timely accommodation charge, which makes up to 70% of the place of accommodation profitability and the profitability of food and beverages sale (20% profitability).

OtelMS Front Desk service, channel manager, booking module, Internet acquiring and Wifi modules: using these and other components, PMS provides an easy and secure online booking of hotel rooms and services, generates reports at the users’ request, prepares and sends the necessary reporting documents, providing for time and staff effort saving and reliably excluding the possibility of human error. While the hotel staff calmly focuses on the guests’ first priority requirements, the smart program automatically updates the room capacity status on the sales channel websites, controls costs and payments, and collects and saves data for future reports.

Automation of online sales will increase the profitability of your business by 20% in less than six months, synchronizing with the booking channels, providing all available rooms immediately for sale, eliminating their downtime or overbookings. No troubles with guests’ orders will immediately affect their client loyalty, increasing its level among your target audience.

Managing your services rates and the room supply status, Internet acquiring with a fee money-back guarantee, the ability to coordinate various hotel services operations, reliable integration with OTA websites and social networks, user-friendliness and ease of work with the OtelMS system – that’s what made the software so popular among hotel users and their guests.

Learning to work with the otelms system is quite simple: a recognizable multifunctional table – the chart of the main menu – will help you quickly learn how to manage the main processes of the object with the help of some prompts. As for the multilingual interface of the system and the booking module, capable of adapting to the screen of any contemporary gadget and perfectly operating on any resource, they provide for good communication with the consumer and the sale of the rooms of the facility to the majority of modern users.

It is common knowledge that direct sales of rooms are a priority type of sale of the places of accommodation rooms and services, thus the installation of hotel reservation systems makes for an increase in direct sales of rooms by 30% as early as the first months of operation. Today, this service has been appreciated and tested by several thousand large and small places of accommodation of various directions, located in all corners of the world.

Making your business automated by using room management systems, you can safely control the operation of a hotel or a boarding guest house at a distance, delegating the necessary authority and accesses to hotel staff, optimizing costs and, you can see the effectiveness and profitability of such work just in a few months.

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