Using hotel guest messaging for social distancing during COVID-19 - Insights

Using hotel guest messaging for social distancing during COVID-19

Great Communication has the ability to handle even the worst of situations and especially, during these times when the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is looming large and sending the hospitality industry reeling. It is important for the hoteliers to up their communication game in order to instill faith and trust in the upcoming guests

Using hotel guest messaging for social distancing during COVID-19With  ‘social distancing’ on everyone’s lips, it is important for the hotels to incorporate this much-emphasized concept into its modes of communication. That being said, the Hotel Guest Messaging for Coronavirus Communication is the need of the hour.

Why Hotel Guest Messaging Platform to Communicate With Guests During COVID-19?

Research shows an astonishing open rate, resting at 98% for SMS in comparison to only 20% for emails. This suggests that people are much more inclined to take notice of a text than an email thus making it one of the most efficient ways to get in touch with others. Again, it takes the average person only 90 seconds to respond to a text message, a stark difference to the average 90 minutes it takes to reply to an email. Nearly 80% of consumers prefer to communicate with a business via text, and 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt. 

While you carry on with your email game, make sure to handle the text messaging side-by-side to make the communication even more powerful. It is obvious that in such cases, guests will require rapid answers to their questions and as mobile phones come in handy, this can be taken as the most preferred mode of communication for the guests.

And more than anything, in times of COVID-19, the Hotel Guest Messaging provides excellent guest service by allowing one to practice social distancing through impeccable communication, thereby ensuring the safety of the guests and hotel staff.

In a way, your hotel guest messaging has the power to elevate the confidence and trust of the guests

Walk Me Through the Process Of Using the Hotel Guest Messaging

The very first thing that you need to do is to power your text messaging with PMS for faster communication. While you keep sending out emails, look for the ways in which you can shorten these emails and send them as text messages to the guests.

Here are a few examples and templates under each of the categories that will guide you effectively in using the Hotel Guest Messaging during these times:

  •  Pre-Arrival Message
“Thank you for choosing us. We are looking forward to your upcoming reservation at *hotel name* between *arrival date* and *departure date*. Given the current crisis, we have also implemented a few measures by revising our policies and overall behavior. For more details, please visit *the URL.* (or check your email) We hope you will enjoy your stay and we look forward to welcoming you!”

[Note: Instead of asking the guests to check their email, the most feasible option would be to create a dedicated hub page containing COVID-19 information and measures on your website and then sending a *URL* of the same via the text.]

  • On-Arrival Message

This message not only welcomes guests but once again, gives out a list of house rules, WiFi password, parking information, and other information related to COVID-19. Again, use this message to the guests to convey how they can use Hotel Guest Messaging to request for things right from the comfort of their rooms.

“Hi, *first name* Welcome to *hotel name!* Click on *the URL* to get a full guide on our house rules, WiFi password, breakfast and more information related to the COVID-19 measures which we have made it mandatory for our guests to follow. We have also made it easier for you to order things through text messages to be delivered right to your room by practicing social distancing. Have a safe stay!” 
  • Mid-Stay Message

This can be helpful in knowing what your guests are up to or what all they require. Again, you can use this opportunity to remind the guests once more about practicing social distancing

“Thank you for choosing to stay with us. We hope that you are doing well. If there’s a special service that you require, please feel free to drop us a text. Take care.
  • Post Check-Out Message

This is the time to bid adieu to your guests and for knowing how did their stay go. You can also ask their feedback about the overall service or suggestions about more measures to be implemented in the future.

“Thank you for trusting us with your stay during such difficult times. Hope you felt safe with us! We would be extremely glad if you just take a moment to share your experience with us on* the link.* Again, if you have any suggestions regarding more COVID-19 measures that we can implement, please feel free to reach out to us. We hope to see you again!
  • Upsell Through Promotional Messages (Packages, Special Services, Staycations)

Along with emails, you can use the messages to communicate about special services to your guests

“Hello, *name.* Trust you’re safe! To beat the corona stress and make your upcoming stay more lively, we have a few special services and upgrades in store for you. Guess what? All at credible rates. For more information, click on *the URL.”


“Hello, *name* Thinking to unwind and destress while the Coronavirus outbreak looms large? Fretting over the surging crisis and missing your highly enjoyable ‘before Corona’ life? Well, you can still have fun during self-isolation with our lively and relaxing staycations, all at nominal rates! For more information, click on *the URL*

Other Hotel Coronavirus Text Message Suggestions:

  • A message showing that you have a flexible cancellation policy when it comes to bookings.
“Hi *name.* We thank you for choosing us. However, we would like to put you at ease at the very outset by declaring that we are flexible in terms of cancellation and reshifting the bookings to a later date. For more information, visit *the URL*”
  •  Even WebChat messages can be converted and carried on through text messages for smooth and rapid communication. 
  • A general message to the domestic travelers for staycations.
  • A general message to describe how you are playing your part to flatten the curve and what new measures you have been implementing to fight against the Corona crisis.
“Hi *name.* Your safety is of paramount importance to us and keeping the concept of social distancing in mind, we have taken certain precautions and implemented safety measures to ensure that you have a healthy stay with us. To read about these measures in detail, visit *the URL*”

Benefits of Hotel Guest Messaging During These Times

  1. Easy to Read: Text messages are easy to be read and responded to when compared to the emails.
  2. Smooth Communication: Again, they help facilitate smooth and rapid communication between the hotel and the guests, especially during such a crucial time.
  3. Checking On Guests During Mid-Stay: It helps to notify the guests about the changes and makes it even easier to check on them mid-stay, thereby allowing you to take the steps to make the stay hassle-free by doing the needful.
  4. Social Distancing: “Social distancing” can be carried out at its best by means of text messaging which, in turn, minimizes the physical contact both for the staff and the guests. Again, it allows the guests to request things seamlessly from their rooms without having to come all the way down to the reception.
  5. Seamless Experience at all Touchpoints: Right from pre-arrival to post check-out, Hotel Guest Messaging Communication will aid in making sure that your guests are having a safe, yet wonderful experience at your property.
  6. Automated & Template Messages: You can save time and automatically communicate key information to your guests with automated messages and saved templates.
  7. Integration With PMS: While helping a guest, you can view past conversations, internal staff notes, and guest preferences to better understand their needs. With the addition of your guest’s phone number, the guest profile can be linked to social profiles, allowing your hotel to further nurture guest loyalty.
  8. Improved Staff Efficiency: Since the hotel will be highly likely to have a limited staff at their disposal at this time, guest messaging can very well improve the staff efficiency through automation which, in turn, allows the staff to fulfill the requests of the guests seamlessly, anywhere and anytime! In short, it allows the staff to know what service to provide, which guest to serve and at what time with great care and undivided attention!


Every hotelier has the ultimate aim to improve the quality of his business and gratify his customers to the greatest extent possible. It is their responsibility to maintain the highest level of communication with the guests, especially during such crucial times when guests are looking for more and rapid answers to their questions. Using the Hotel Guest Messaging will help increase the customer trust with the notion that you care and are there to provide answers to all their genuine concerns. From your side, clean communication reflects your awareness and endeavor to combat this crisis for making your property a safe place for all your guests. 

 Again, social distancing is the need of the hour and by enabling the guest messaging service, you can help your guests feel at ease and aid them immensely by cutting down on the amount of the physical contact. It really becomes easier with a click and with a phone. So make it count!

We are committed to helping you navigate the tough times. By providing the necessary guidance to make your hotel guest messaging game stronger with additional and improved features to enhance, and monitor guest engagement! 

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