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How Hotelogix helped Kokotel Hotels

Hotelogix, a provider of Enterprise-Grade Cloud-based Hotel PMS, announced its adoption by Kokotel Hotels, a Thailand based Enterprise Hotel Chain.

Kokotel hotels onboarded Hotelogix PMS almost 2.5 years back with just one property, which was soon increased to 8. And the plan is to expand it to 20 soon. Since the time Kokotel hotels adopted this comprehensive solution from Hotelogix, they have witnessed multiple advantages, the two most important ones being real-time connectivity and centralized control. Hotelogix PMS offers the best in class product integrations for multiple third-party products including F&B, Finance, Revenue management, Reputation management, etc. The ability to integrate has given the necessary tools, in the hands of each department, to operate to its full potential and deliver maximum business impact.

The solution’s real-time connectivity and the all-in-one integrated system helped them in managing their overall operations of PMS, Booking Engine, Channel Manager, F&B POS very effectively. Management at Kokotel Hotels has notified significant improvement in overall operations leading to higher efficiency from all departments. Because of the cloud nature of the PMS, its implementation in multiple chains and expansion is very easy and very few people are required to manage it.

Further, the biggest advantage is the comprehensive reporting and elimination of manual intervention. Complete integration increased performance and efficiency. Superior guest servicing experience and an improved reputation for Kokotel hotels.

On this occasion, Mr. Rei, CEO, Kokotel Hotels said Hotelogix has contributed enormously in supporting real-time data flow and seamless connectivity for Kokotel chain of Hotels”. Mr. Rei continued to share that the “Subscription-based model of Hotelogix has helped in their rapid expansion. In the absence of a subscription-based model, such growth would not have been possible as one-time cost models like on-premise are expensive compared to cloud. Thanks to Hotelogix, our operations have become very cost-effective and real-time”.

Adding further, Mr. Aditya Sanghi, Co-Founder & CEO Hotelogix quoted “We are happy to drive Kokotel’s rapid expansion with our enterprise-grade technology.

Hotel chains like Kokotel require technology that can not only lower the barrier to expansion but also give the right tool to have control of their business and help them increase revenue and profitability.

We are happy to act as the backbone of their high operational efficiency and centralized reporting. Further, he said, “we are very proud to be associated with Kokotel Hotels and we are confident that together we will achieve new heights and have a great partnership”.

About Kokotel Hotels 

Kokotel hotels believe in the philosophy of “We Are Friends & Family Serving Friends & Family”

Kokotel started their business as a small, 40-room hotel and café in Bangkok, Thailand. They welcome guests from around the world with wholehearted hospitality.

Kokotel is the name inspired by some Japanese word “Kokoro (heart)”. This is a symbol of their commitment to providing a heart-warming service. Whether you come with close friends, or family, we help you discover and share wonderful things about yourselves, beyond just sightseeing and eating great food.

About Hotelogix

Hotelogix provides a robust cloud-based Hotel PMS that helps hotels to automate and manage their end-to-end operations with ease. It also assists hotels to drive growth, increase revenue and to enhance their online reputation. The PMS is hosted on Amazon Web Services, and thus offers the much-needed stability and security to hoteliers. The company has rich experience in serving global markets with customers in 100 plus countries including North America and Europe.

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