Hotelogix helps hotels navigate through COVID - Insights

Hotelogix helps hotels navigate through COVID

Hotelogix refresher Training programmeHotelogix, a leading enterprise-grade cloud PMS provider is pleased to share its successful initiative of running an online refresher Training programme that helps hotels keep their staff continuously well trained even amid the global pandemic.

While covid-19 has affected every industry across the globe, the hospitality industry was one of the worst-hit. One of the major challenges the industry had to face was attrition because of the uncertainty in travel going forward. Hotels are operating with very depleted hotel staff. Almost every hotel is facing this phase of change where some people are leaving, new people are joining, existing people taking up additional roles in the hotel.

However, the current situation looks promising as travellers are starting to travel again. And to keep abreast, hotels must focus on hiring trained staff or training existing staff that will be taking on the role of managing the frontdesk technology.


In this situation, one thing that certainly becomes the need of the hour is ‘staff training’. Hence, the team at Hotelogix provides an ‘Online Refresher Training Program’ to all its customers at regular intervals every week. The training is being done by choosing the topics of choice on areas where customers have doubts and support queries. Any Hotelogix customer is free to join this training multiple times at free of cost. Hotelogix runs internal campaigns to get the right participants for the session.

Through this program, Hotelogix provides online training to hotel staff so that they are up to date with the PMS functionalities and feel very hands-on using it during their usual day at work. It is very important that the hotel staff is confident working on the technology they use so that they can serve their customers better. This becomes even more important for a customer-facing staff (front desk, housekeeping and POS, etc.). While the training covers every aspect of the PMS solution, we pay special focus on the front desk, housekeeping and POS modules. The training on these modules can be completed in just a few hours.

Mr Rathanaraj Livingston, Associate Vice President, South Asia, Hotelogix quoted “Hotelogix believes in strong & lasting partnerships. We work hand in gloves with our customers, well-trained staff deliver a better guest experience”. Further, he said, “Our sessions have the participation of staff members from 15-20 hotels and our objective is to ensure they are proficient in dealing with the key areas of the system. We can see staff members who are now being allotted additional responsibility to new recruits in our sessions.”

Sharing his experience with the Online Refresher Training Program initiative, Mr Akhil Anand, Owner, Tree of Life said: “We are very happy with this initiative from Hotelogix. Staff training is a very important component of efficient hotel operations”. Talking further, he said the team from Hotelogix is doing a good job in ensuring that all our new staff members are well trained to use the solution appropriately. Keeping the current situation in mind, these sessions are conducted online and delivered very effectively by Hotelogix’s team.

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