Playing for the same team

Your front-desk, maintenance group and cleaning staff all have at least one thing in common — they are playing for the same team.

Each of your staff’s goals is to ensure efficiency, provide a good guest experience and make your hotel a place that people want to visit again and recommend to their friends and family. But how many times do these shared goals mean very little in practice? There might be a poster about team unity in one of your offices, but has your team lost sight of these overarching principles while completing their daily tasks?

The answer is probably, Yes.

It’s hard to work together especially when everyone is busy and scattered across a property or even off-site at different property’s. Connecting your desktop and non-desk workers with cross platform communication tools not only improves general communication but empowers your staff to resolve issues immediately and on their own.

The Simple Fix

1-1 Text / Audio Chatting

Find a system that lets your teams instantly connect with any team member from any department without fiddling around looking for mobile numbers or interrupting everyone on your walkie-talkie channel.

Send an SOS

Guests tend to ask any hotel staff when they have a request or a complaint, and they hate being told to ask someone else. Connect your teams, so someone from your cleaning staff can ping the entire maintenance staff to resolve an issue immediately, or everyone on the customer service team for immediate assistance.


Face-to-Face Communication

With multiple or large properties, getting in the same room can be difficult. Requiring face-to-face meetings between team members using video calling leads to familiarity and trust among your staff, meaning they are more likely to connect with each other when in need. Better staff relationships undeniably lead to better guest feedback.

Here is an example of a group chat with the Engineering team. If there are any questions, updates or requests, they can be simply messaged in the chat. See more possibilities for a faster and more efficient communication with your team here.

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