Shhhh… Code Red

As guests we’ve all seen it, and as staff we’re all guilty of it — the whispering among workers trying to spread information while hoping to keep our customers in the dark.

As a guest, this causes anxiety as they try to figure out what’s wrong, but no one is sharing. Guests wonder what’s wrong and start feeling uncomfortable at your property, when really it might be that someone was unwell in the stairwell and you need to close off access until your cleaning staff can come around.

But sometimes it is an emergency and you need to let your staff know discreetly to get an action plan in play and avoid chaos. Relaying messages to your staff down a chain will have similar results as a game of telephone — your message will change. It’s imperative that your entire staff receives the same information and directions to act in the best interest of your guests.

The Simple Fix

Personal Device Messaging

Leverage the technology your staff already has and send them a message on their own device. Walkie Talkies aren’t private, even if you use code words that may make guests anxious and pagers are outdated. The devices your staff already have are the most efficient (plus you’ll save money).

Company Broadcasts

Sometimes the worst happens and there is an emergency. Let your team notify the entire property immediately. Is the southwest hallway off limits because of a medical emergency? Let everyone know right away to form a task force and keep other guests from entering.


Team Messaging

Discreetly prepare certain teams for a VIP guest without drawing attention. Have your valets waiting near your alternate entrance and bellhops waiting without running around trying to exchange information.

Here is an example of a broadcast to notify everyone about a VIP guest. See more possibilities for a faster and more efficient communication with your team here.

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