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Climber Hotel strategies announces expansion into UK market

ClimberLaunching in the UK, Climber Hotel intends to continue democratising hotel Revenue Management Solutions to small hotel chains and independent hotels. Climber Hotel has seen rapid growth over the past two years is now ready to continue its European expansion in the highly competitive RM software market.

A large part of the Revenue Management (RM) market remains untapped with Climber estimating that 96% of hotels globally do not yet make use of Revenue Management Software solutions. The UK is a natural addition to its existing portfolio of hotels as the UK is one of the most tech-savvy countries in Europe.

Climber Hotel is headed by Founder and CEO Mario Mouraz , who commented about the expansion: “ The UK is a strategic market for our expansion. The high level of competition amongst hotels in the UK has caused Revenue Management and dynamic pricing to start to play or continue playing a bigger role in hotels’ strategy and in turn we are seeing Revenue Managers embrace technology solutions to ease their increasingly difficult jobs. ”

There are many options on the current market for hoteliers globally, compounded by a lack of clarity as to the difference between pricing recommendation tools and revenue management software. The industry is also unique in the sense that not every piece of technology is suitable for every hotel, as most RM technology relies on integration with hotel’s PMS and Channel Manager.

“ These are truly interesting times ahead as technologies continue to develop at a rapid speed. With the exception of a few companies, RM solutions are gradually becoming commoditized from a features perspective, meaning the consumer will be choosing largely based on connectivity and by customer support. Climber is integrated with 30 major PMS software and will continue expanding our connectivity to be able to serve all small chain and independent hotels looking for RM solutions. ” Climber Hotel Founder and CTO João Pedro Feliciano

Climber is an easy-to-use software designed for people, and unique in its customer focus and simple and clear reporting. Climber will use its extensive know-how to provide the best and most competitive services to the Revenue Managers in the UK.

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