Accor supports ‘Uluru Statement from the Heart’

The Uluru Statement from the Heart calls for a ‘First Nations Voice’ in the Australian Constitution and a ‘Makarrata Commission’ to supervise a process of ‘agreement-making’ and ‘truth-telling’ between government and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The statement references the 1967 referendum which brought about changes to the Constitution of Australia to include Indigenous Australians.       

Accor supports ‘Uluru Statement from the Heart’
Accor supports ‘Uluru Statement from the Heart’

The Uluru Statement supports calls for a Makarrata, a complex Yolngu word meaning, a ‘coming together after a struggle’. In doing so, a commission of Makarrata will facilitate a national conversation about our past, and our countries future together. When we as a nation have reached agreements with our first nation’s people, we will then be on the path to becoming a mature nation, reconciled with our history.

Accor Pacific are proud leaders and committed to spreading awareness and understanding of Australia’s rich Indigenous heritage and culture through engaging the local community and guests in meaningful conversations and activities. 

Chief Operating Officer Accor Pacific, Simon McGrath AM, says “We invite millions of guests each year into our hotels and resorts to enjoy the best of the Australian culture, landscape and environment. It is then essential that the best of Australia represents our full history and our respect and pride in all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Our countries rich history is welcomed by our guests and we are proud to share the story. Accor Pacific stand proudly aligned to our shared history and invite the industry to join us on the journey in support of the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

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“In order to complete the Constitution, we must have a referendum. Each Australian must cast their vote to enact these reforms. To say ‘yes’ is not merely a vote to support Indigenous people by giving them a say in their own affairs. Nor is it merely a vote to rectify the historical mistake of not recognising them in the Constitution. To say ‘yes’ is a vote to move forward, together, so that we might ‘come together after a struggle’,” concluded McGrath.   

To read the full ‘Uluru Statement from the Heart’ click here.

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