How the right amenities can attract the right hotel guests

Hotel amenities for different guestsFrom the no-nonsense business traveler with their briefcase in tow to the laid-back vacationer with only a duffel bag slung over their shoulder to hold them over during their stay, no two hotel patrons are going to be completely identical. Each and every one of them will arrive with their own opinions, expectations, hopes, and goals for their overnight stay at your property. Because of these differences between your guests, it’s especially important to make sure that your hotel knows precisely how to cater to their unique needs, whatever those just might be. 

After all, the last thing you want to do is inadvertently alienate a potential guest even before they finish completing the booking process. No matter what type of property your hotel is – whether it’s an upscale boutique in the heart of wine country or a cozy resort nestled on the Florida coast – you want to make sure your guests know in advance that it’s going to be a good fit for them. And, of course, what better way is there to draw the right kind of guests to your property than by offering them the exact type of amenities that will best resonate with them?

For the Business Travelers

At the end of a long day of meetings and conference calls, business travelers are going to want to escape to a retreat where they can relax and unwind (and possibly do a little extra catch up on their work before tomorrow’s grind). For them, you want to make sure their room can double as an office – albeit, a comfortable one. High-speed internet, plenty of wall outlets so they can easily plugin and charge their gadgets at night, and a full-sized desk are just the ticket for your on-the-go business travelers.

For the Enamored Honeymooners

Unlike the business traveler, your honeymooners might be spending a little bit more time in their rooms while staying at your property. To help set the right ambiance and mood for these guests, you want to be sure to spring for a more romantic and intimate vibe. An on-site spa for a couples’ massage will promptly put them at ease during their stay. Other great ideas include plush bathrobes in the closet, a jacuzzi tub in the bedroom, a bottle of champagne upon arrival, and turndown service complete with fancy chocolates on their pillows.

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For the Young Families

Your vacationing families are going to be upbeat, excited… and maybe even a little bit frazzled, too. To help make them feel welcome at your property, you want to make sure their room is safe and child-friendly. Added touches – such as step stools and tear-free shampoos in the bathroom and even complementary in the bedroom – will go far in making sure you have a repeat customer. Another fantastic idea is to offer on-site laundry services, as exhausted parents would likely be quite grateful to come back to their room at night and find freshly cleaned clothes waiting for them.

For the Tech-Savvy Millennials

For your millennial travelers, you’re going to want to make sure your property is completely modernized and up to date. These guests are likely going to want to share every aspect of their trip with their social media, so make sure their rooms come with high-speed internet. They may also want to explore areas off the beaten path, so make sure you have plenty of maps on hand to help show them around. A strong cup of espresso from the in-room coffee bar will give them the pep to rate your property five stars on their way out the door.

For the Weekend Getaway Crowd

From the moment they arrive at your hotel, your weekend getaway guests are going to bring a whirlwind of unbridled energy and enthusiasm with them. They’re likely going to be packing light since they’re planning to be in and out in a jiffy, so make sure their rooms have all the toiletries they require to stay feeling nice and fresh while there. Another important consideration for these guests is making sure to offer flexible check-in and check-out options, as they may be arriving late and sneaking out before the sun arrives to tackle their next big adventure.

As a hotel proprietor or manager, your ultimate goal is to see that all of your guests feel welcome and accommodated during their stay at your property. While it can be tricky to pin down every single amenity that they may need to ensure their stay is as pleasant as possible, you can still go the extra mile to make sure they don’t have to look elsewhere to find it. And by catering to their personal tastes and lifestyles, you can all but guarantee that they’ll be coming back to your hotel again and again for their future travels.

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