4 Crucial SEO tips for the travel industry

Holiday season means less work for the visitors and more for the people in the travel industry. With cities now beginning to open again, how do you stay competitive in reaching these potential guests?

4 Crucial SEO Tips For The Travel IndustryThanks to the internet, it’s easier for the industry to adapt and learn from the customers’ habits. That said, a travel website is a lot of hard work. There are multiple areas to work on to improve ranking and visibility. The following are some smart ways to pull visitors:

Tip #1: Keywords Are A Man’s Best Friend 

Keywords can predict, influence, and impact the way a customer interacts with a business. Imagine this: you have an idea for an article which speaks about how to book the best homestays in new york. For you to have a greater reach for your article, you must be specific and concise. Short-tail keywords for the same can include ‘new york’ ‘homestays’ etc. The other types of keywords are long-tail keywords, that could be the following – homestays in new york. So the next time someone plans a trip to New York, they know exactly where to look. In the world of content writing, keywords can make or break a person’s choices. Understanding the needs of the market by following the current trends and appropriately responding to them should eventually become a business’s USP.

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Tip #2: Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

A countless number of young people own or travel with nothing but their phones and an urge to discover the world around them. Although people may browse or book tickets on laptops or personal computers, the number of mobile users in the world is on a continuous rise. If you had a conversation with a friend who recently travelled to Norway and told you about how you must visit the Northern Lights ( We all have that one friend, don’t we? ) wouldn’t you take your phone out to Google the Northern Lights immediately? Luckily for a mobile-friendly travel website, they already have travel tips for the same ready. Don’t worry, it’s never too late. Here are a few suggestions concerning mobile ranking figures that one must keep in mind:

  1. Websites often make the mistake of using small text for their content. A user who repeatedly enlarges the text on a website will probably avoid visiting it another time. The point of a mobile is to minimize effort, especially from the user’s perspective. 
  2. With our increasingly deteriorating attention spans, the future of SEO lies in ensuring that the loading time on a page is as little as possible. You don’t want users to log out of your website before they have a chance to see your content. 
  3. Small touch elements are detrimental because they are a task for users, especially those with bigger thumbs. The important buttons on your page should be reasonably sized so it’s accessible for all kinds of users.

Tip #3: Make Link Building A Habit 

In layman’s terms, it would be profitable to get your business’s links into trusted and impartial online sources. This is helpful for customers who rely on recommendations, especially online. There are heaps of travel websites that can enhance your website’s SEO. It will eventually help to place you higher in Google’s ranking positions and ultimately be a boost for your content. 

Tip #4: Easy Navigation For A Better Experience

The best user experience is the one that requires the least amount of clicks. A well-designed website should have an internal link structure that is in harmony with its pages. Have search navigation on your site to help users who might be lost. You can also make it easier by placing keywords. Ideally, they can be placed on top where it’s easier for a user to view. Although this might seem irrelevant at first, it is always helpful in the longer run. A neat and organized website is one that everyone would like to come back to. 


Building a travel website isn’t as easy as it seems. You have to navigate through a sea of travel blogs and try to fill an unexplored void in the process. For more information, you can even check out free SEO proposal templates. Hope these tips were of help. Time to get to work!

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