GuestRevu joins FEDHASA, strengthening its commitment to the Hospitality Industry

GuestRevu, the leading provider of guest feedback and online reputation management solutions for the hospitality industry, is proud to announce that it has joined FEDHASA (Federated Hospitality Association of South Africa) as a full member. This membership further underpins GuestRevu’s dedication to supporting and contributing to the growth and success of the hospitality industry in South Africa and beyond. FEDHASA is a highly respected industry association representing the diverse sectors of the South African hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, and other accommodation providers. By becoming a member, GuestRevu demonstrates its commitment to working closely with industry leaders, sharing insights, and contributing to the collective advancement of the sector.


2021 Top hospitality industry trends

Shifted values in the aftermath of the pandemic and increased consumer awareness of all things sustainable and purposeful – has set new benchmarks for hospitality enterprises.

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Why there is hope amid the despair for the hospitality industry

Consumer expectations, as well as marketing strategies will change as a result of the pandemic, perhaps with a greater focus on domestic customers and a greater concern for the environment. And this new hotel industry will need talent to match the opportunities that will emerge.

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4 Crucial SEO tips for the travel industry

Holiday season means less work for the visitors and more for the people in the travel industry. With cities now beginning to open again, how do you stay competitive in reaching these potential guests?

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