Do you have this revenue-management bad habit?

Do you use a hotel revenue management system, only to override or ignore its recommendations?

We talk to Fabian Bartnick, founder of Infinito, on how to optimise hotel revenue management systems through AI, on up-skilling revenue managers, and what’s needed to help you answer the fundamental question: “So what am I going to do now?”

Recorded at Maximum Occupancy, 8th November 2019.

About Infinito

It is estimated that 80+% of hotels do not use sophisticated revenue tools. Infinito thinks that’s a problem that deserves a different approach.


Every hotel, large or small, independent or branded, can be digitally enhanced. Infinito believes that by up-skilling the user, we as a community have a better chance to succeed. Better players give a higher level of game sophistication.

We believe that software should be invisible. A companion looking out for us, asking for our input when required, giving advise when we are lost.

Meet IVI, our virtual revenue management assistant.

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