The industry’s future skills needs

eHotelier, a leading hospitality training and education solutions provider, has released a new report on the state of hospitality skills worldwide.

Based on a global survey of professionals in the industry, the report highlights the current skills gaps and training needs in the hospitality sector.

The survey was conducted over the past six months in partnership with leading hospitality industry associations and gathered responses from over 800 hospitality professionals in more than 50 countries. The report offers insights into the most in-demand skills for hospitality jobs and the areas where employees struggle and require additional training.

It also examines the factors driving hospitality skill gaps and training needs, including changing customer expectations and emerging technologies. The report provides actionable recommendations for hospitality organizations to bridge existing skills gaps, such as creating a culture of continual learning, leveraging technology-enabled training solutions and investing in upskilling initiatives that align with their organizational objectives.

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Among the key findings of the report are:

  • Staff expectations are changing, and recruitment has to be negotiated rather than dictated
  • Personal qualities are more important than skills that can be developed in-house
  • Professional development, education and training are now the organisation’s responsibility, not just the institution’s
  • Professional recognition is more important than academic qualification

Commenting on the report, Prof. Peter Jones, MBE, Academic Director at eHotelier, said: “Our survey shows that the hospitality industry is constantly evolving, and professionals must keep up with changing trends and customer expectations. We hope our report will help employers and employees identify the areas where they need to focus their training efforts.”

The report includes recommendations for employers, training providers, and policymakers to address the skills gaps in the hospitality industry. 

The full report is available for download from eHotelier website. Please contact Matthew Stephens at for further information.

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