eHotelier to provide hospitality training for people with mixed abilities

Training for people with disabilitieseHotelier, a leading supplier of eLearning programs for the global hotel industry, has teamed with CRUMBS, a charitable foundation that works with mixed-ability adults with a range of learning disabilities, stabilised addiction, mental health problems, and head injuries.

The partnership, together with eHoteliers partner, ATP, will offer online learning options to help those enrolled to develop professional and personal skills that support them into employment and independent living.

CRUMBS provides professionally recognised catering and hospitality education with a range of programmes that are endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality. The training will help to develop self-confidence and self-esteem as well as the employment skills to support the trainees in fulfilling their ambitions in the world of work.

The training programmes are designed to meet the needs of the individual trainee and are based on a comprehensive and detailed set of learning units. The programmes recognise three professional levels of achievement from the Foundation Certificate, progressing to the Certificate and culminating with a Diploma.

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The professional skills they develop are those expected of a hospitality professional working in commercial operations and include food hygiene and safety, kitchen, housekeeping and bakery skills as well as the essential knowledge and understanding that underpins those skills.

“eLearning has proved to be a very powerful tool to engage with our trainees during the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Peter Jones, Chairman of CRUMBS. “When we had to stop our face-to-face training, we experimented with a range of ideas that would allow us to both keep contact and continue to meet our trainees needs. The response to eHotelier’s programmes has been remarkable, and our trainees have adapted well and are now much more adept in using the digital space.”

As the hospitality industry ramps up post-COVID, skilled workers are going to be in high demand. Crumbs graduates will be well positioned for placement in the industry with skills acquired through eHotelier eLearning.

Here are a list of the courses provided:

Food and Beverage Service:

  1. Serve Food and Beverage
  2. Provide Table Service of Food and Beverage
  3. Clean and Tidy Bar Areas


  1. Produce dishes using basic methods of cookery
  2. Produce appetisers and salads
  3. Design and cost menus
  4. Produce vegetable fruit egg and farinaceous dishes
  5. Produce stocks sauces and soups
  6. Produce seafood dishes
  7. Produce poultry dishes
  8. Produce meat dishes
  9. Produce and serve food for buffets
  10. Prepare sandwiches
  11. Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements
  12. Package prepared foodstuffs
  13. Maintain the quality of perishable items
  14. Coordinate cooking operations
  15. Clean kitchen premises and equipment
  16. Handle and serve cheese
  17. Work effectively as a cook
  18. Use food preparation equipment
  19. Clean premises and equipment


  1. Produce cakes
  2. Produce yeast based bakery products
  3. Produce cakes pastries and breads

Customer Service:

  1. Work effectively in hospitality service
  2. Show social and cultural sensitivity
  3. Provide service to customers
  4. Interact with customers
  5. Communicate in the workplace


  1. Workplace ethics
  2. Use hygienic practices for hospitality service
  3. Identify hazards assess and control safety risks
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