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Call for more togetherness and solidarity

Responsible alcohol consumptionPursuing their commitment to promoting responsible alcohol consumption and combatting binge drinking among young adults in Europe and beyond, Pernod Ricard and Erasmus Student Network, through their Responsible Party initiative, joined forces with the hospitality sector and signed a Declaration calling for more responsible togetherness and solidarity.

Responsible Party partners with HOTREC, the association of hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafés in Europe, in order to ensure the opening of safe venues which respect the measures in place and bring conviviality back in a responsible way. They encourage all individual organisations to join and sign this Declaration and become part of this movement to enjoy convivial moments in Europe safely and responsibly.

Created in partnership with the Erasmus Student Network, a European non-profit organization, Responsible Party is a prevention programme that actively fights against the misuse of alcohol. Born from the idea that events are even better if they are enjoyed responsibly, Responsible Party implements a peer-to-peer approach that has been highly successful, reaching over 450,000 students in 33 countries since the start of the program in 2009.

Aspiring to “make good times unforgettable”, Responsible Party focalizes on water distribution to reduce alcohol-related harm, empowering young adults to make more responsible choices that raise awareness among their peers. Given the current context, Responsible Party extended its activities to both on-the-field activations and impactful digital campaigns. Since launching in April 2020, and thanks to their first “Sharing Good Vibes” digital campaign, Responsible Party’s online presence amassed a reach of 6 million people in 30 countries.

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With the world put on hold for the past year, the pandemic has drastically changed the dynamics of our society. The COVID-19 pandemic has also hit livelihoods and businesses hard, throwing Europe’s wider mobility and hospitality sectors into a deep crisis. Supporting the hospitality sector in keeping customers and staff safe across the extraordinary diversity of convivial settings and experiences they offer is more than ever paramount for the businesses still standing today.

Alexandre Ricard, Chairman and CEO of Pernod Ricard, was present again this year in Brussels to sign the declaration. “We know that there cannot be conviviality in excess, especially regarding the misuse of alcohol. Which is why we stand united together today to promote responsible settings and good practices that will make sure we enjoy making good times unforgettable.”

Kostis Giannidis, President of the Erasmus Student Network, expressed: “Young adults have also found themselves unfairly on the receiving end of blame for the propagation of the virus, with the ‘blame game’ directed at them over the past year. We hope this declaration empowers young adults seeking to partake in a sustainable learning mobility abroad to demonstrate that they are responsible and proactive actors committed to promoting safe and responsible socializing.”

For HOTREC Director General, Marie Audren: “COVID-19 hit the European hospitality hard and brought hardship and uncertainty. We can’t wait to welcome back people in all safety. At HOTREC, we especially feel a close connection with young adults where hospitality could be their career of choice moving forward, making support and solidarity paramount to our sector’s reopening throughout Europe.”

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