The Hotels Network unveils new dynamic targeting rules, elevating website personalization to the next level

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In a bid to empower hotel marketers with unparalleled flexibility and effectiveness in their direct channel campaigns, The Hotels Network (THN) has expanded its array of advanced targeting rules for its Personalization platform. These innovative enhancements represent a significant leap forward in hotel website optimization, equipping hoteliers with powerful tools to tailor user experiences and display hyper-relevant content at key moments in the online booking process.

The addition of these dynamic targeting rules now allows hoteliers to drill down on the following:

  • Demand: Adapt messaging and offers based on real-time user search data and demand fluctuations. With this new segmentation option, hoteliers can automatically display the most relevant campaigns, such as creating a sense of urgency during low demand or promoting upselling messages during high demand to boost average booking value (ABV).

  • Price Disparity: By detecting real-time price disparities and triggering personalized messages in the Booking Engine, hoteliers can now deliver the perfect message to address the disparity and persuade users to book directly rather than through a third-party.

  • Past User Behavior: By analyzing user preferences based on past website visits and searches, hoteliers can delight and surprise users in the present, creating a “wow” effect. This level of personalization increases conversion rates while fostering brand loyalty and driving repeat bookings.

  • UTM campaign variables: To streamline campaign targeting, hotel marketers can use predefined UTM campaign shortcuts, seamlessly personalizing the website experience for traffic coming from specific sources such as Google or Instagram.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, the ability to deliver personalized and relevant experiences is paramount for hotel marketers. With these advanced dynamic targeting rules, THN empowers hoteliers to stay ahead of the curve, driving direct channel performance and elevating the online guest experience to new heights.

Juanjo Rodriguez, Founder of The Hotels Network, commented, “People today expect personalized experiences, much like they have on platforms like Netflix or Spotify. The technology is here, and it’s time for hoteliers to take advantage of it in our industry as well. These new dynamic targeting rules are designed to help hoteliers meet and exceed those expectations, ensuring they can provide a truly personalized experience for their guests.”

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The Hotels Network is an innovative technology company working with over 19,000 hotels around the globe.

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