Welcoming a new era of guest luggage management…

guest luggage managementIn your hotel, how many guest complaints do you receive relating to wrong luggage being retrieved, or delays to luggage retrieval? And how many guests misplace their luggage tickets?

These issues are all too common. resulting in staff and guests feeling stressed and unhappy.

Thankfully a new solution has arrived, promising to put an end to current pain-inducing processes…

ZuTapp® Hospitality is a digital system that streamlines and simplifies your Heart of House processes, enabling you to improve performance, save time, and enhance both guest and staff experience.

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The system’s innovative Luggage module offers a digital solution for the storing, moving, locating, and retrieving of guest luggage, eliminating the risk of wrong retrieval, and putting a stop to those lengthy luggage retrieval delays. It works in conjunction with your existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and is managed very simply via a mobile app (accessible via iPhones and Androids), ZuTapp NFC luggage and storage shelf tags, and a secure cloud-based portal where your data is safely stored online.

How does it work? Simply place a ZuTapp® tag on the customer’s luggage, and on the storage racks/shelves, and create a paperless record with just a couple of taps.

If you want to check how well your hotel is functioning, or assess the performance of your staff, ZuTapp® Hospitality also enables you to generate real-time, fully automated reports at any time, from anywhere with a network connection.

“ZuTapp® Hospitality has a notable competitive advantage over most of today’s existing luggage storage systems, with its ability to increase productivity through traceable digital records and paperless transactions,” said Bruno Fallegger, CEO of BPN Solutions and exclusive reseller for this innovative system. “Furthermore, customers are increasingly showing a preference for sustainable products and services, and employees are expecting sustainable leadership. This solution offers it all – digital sustainability – enabling your hotel to adopt and share sustainable methods to empower everyone to flourish.”

ZuTapp® Hospitality is currently offering a free trial run for hotels around the world.

If you’re interested in this, or in hearing more about how you can experience a new era of guest luggage management, and future-proof your hotel’s operation, get in touch today: 

Bruno Fallegger



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ZuTapp® is a digital system that uses reliable NFC technology, from which you can track luggage, manage asset lifecycles, record employee attendance, update data, send prompts, pull reports… and even help save a life.

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