Oaky introduces Front Desk Upsell Automation, revolutionizing hotel revenue strategies

Front Desk Upsell softwareOaky, a hyper-personalised hotel upselling software solution, has announced the release of its new Front Desk Upsell automation solution.

This new functionality transforms front desk agents into upselling superstars, boosting revenue and keeping employees happy and motivated.

Providing its customers with robust Pre-stay and In-stay Upsell capabilities, Oaky has enhanced its tool suite by adding another powerful solution to enable hoteliers to effectively integrate upselling into their day-to-day operations and upsell throughout the entire guest journey while taking advantage of streamlined segmentation, dynamic pricing, reporting and more. Front Desk Upsell automation functions as a recommendation engine and delivers prompts on what to upsell during check-in to your front desk agents in real-time. Mews is the pioneering PMS to launch Oaky’s brand-new Front Desk Upsell automation, followed soon after by OPERA Cloud, providing access to Oaky’s solution directly from the interface of their PMS.

The top advantages of this new product are threefold.

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  1. Oaky’s Front Desk Upsell automation enables hotels to generate 3-9 times more upsell revenue, assisting hotels in increasing RevPAR and TrevPAR. 
  2. It helps to attract and retain top talent since Front desk agents that are more successful at upselling also earn more commission than in other hotels, underpinned by Oaky’s exciting Gamification functionalities 
  3. Finally, it saves time and boosts upsell productivity by providing ongoing access to an up-to-date and real-time list of available hotel room upgrades and services, including pricing and other crucial details for successful upselling, simplifying the upselling process and eliminating manual work.

“One of the major challenges the hospitality industry has been experiencing in recent years is increased staff shortage and employee turnover. This is why retention programs and the right incentives, such as higher commissions, development opportunities and work-life balance benefits, are key to making employees happy. I am genuinely excited to have been working with over 50 hotel chains across the globe on creating a product that helps both generate revenue for the hotel and create a positive work environment that continuously attracts new talent.” – Erik Tengen, co-founder and CEO of Oaky.

In addition to releasing the new product, Oaky is partnering with the best training companies to offer live workshops on cultivating front desk upsell culture and educating on effective upselling. The goal is to support hoteliers in establishing a strong upselling culture, equipping front desk agents with tried-and-tested upselling techniques and the knowledge of upselling psychology, thereby increasing upsell conversions and revenue.

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Oaky is a hyper-personalised upselling software that helps hotels boost revenue through enriched guest experience and branding.

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