’Tis the season to boost your hotel’s direct bookings

Christmas hotel bookingsFestive decorations are beginning to be displayed in the streets and you’re being greeted by the smell of gingerbread; if you ask Michael Bublé, “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”.

As the holidays approach and family reunions draw near, it’s time for hotels to prepare for the busiest season of the year.

Although the weather conditions are not conducive to common tourist activities, it is around Christmas and New Year’s that many tourists decide to travel, making this season a profitable period for hotels. Travelers are booking earlier and earlier to receive the lowest price available, so acting quickly is key.

If you’re not quite sure where to begin when crafting your holiday season campaign, put on your favorite Christmas sweater and read on to discover some magical and festive hotel marketing inspiration.

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  1. A tasty offer

One of the most highly anticipated events of Christmas is the epic dinner that takes place just once a year. Stallmästaregården hotel understood that and decided to center their Christmas campaign around the special feast. On the menu: quality time between family and friends as a starter, a classic Swedish dinner for the main course, and for dessert, the exceptional environment provided.

What about New Year’s Eve dinner then? Once again, Stallmästaregården crafted a tempting offer for their visitors including a three-course dinner. During the winter season, providing visitors with an extra incentive helps complete their vision of the perfect holiday. Stallmästaregården’s offer does just this for their hotel guests, differentiating them from competitors and ultimately boosting their direct bookings.

Message emphasizing Stallmästaregården Christmas dinner offer


  1. The perfect present

Have you ever found yourself searching “Gift ideas for Christmas/Birthdays”? You’re not alone. Mobile searches for “Gifts for ___ from ___” have grown by over 140% in the past two years (for example, “Gifts from kids to mom”). Welcome Homes identified the perfect gift for someone who deserves a special thank you or a magical moment: a hotel gift voucher. By offering a city trip to Zurich under the snow, a relaxing stay at the private spa for New Year, or a gastronomic evening in one of their restaurants to start 2023, they successfully boost their revenue before the year comes to a close and guarantee themselves future guests at their property. Search no more, offer to your loved ones the promise of an unforgettable holiday.

Voucher offer as a gift for Christmas


  1. A touch of something extra

In this period where people like to dream big, give your visitors some encouragement by offering them a sneak peak of what awaits them at your hotel. A merry Christmas should always include merry festivities, which is what Meritage Resort and Spa is offering to its visitors. In addition to an immaculate setting only one hour from San Francisco, enjoy a heartwarming hot cocoa after a session of outdoor ice-skating, and relax by the 40-foot tall Christmas tree of the resort.

As you can see, it’s all in the details, including the perks offered that will convince your website visitors to book with you and not another hotel. To communicate them successfully, be clear and use messaging associated with this festive period.

Message promoting festive activities during guest’s stay


  1. One gift is good, two is even better

Crafting a bundle for your website visitors has multiple benefits. It can lead to increased revenue, reduced customer costs, and improved customer experience. By offering a Christmas and New Year package, The Wolas visitors are relieved of the pressure of decision making and the overwhelming feeling we get when confronted with too many options. Visitors are invited to enjoy a villa in Bali accompanied by welcome drinks upon arrival, spa and food credits, daily breakfast, and to top it all, a candlelight dinner.

Imagine it as the perfect early gift exchange, with your customers receiving a combination of your products and services at a lower price when combined, while you, as a hotel, are able to close the deal with ease.

Display all of the benefits of your Christmas and/or New Year package


  1. An out of the box offer

Mystic Suites & Villas decided to go against the grain of the winter holiday season by offering their visitors an unconventional Christmas… with a BBQ under the sun! More effective than a light therapy lamp, the countries of the southern hemisphere are warming up to help you finish the year in style. Wave goodbye to the snow and dive into the warm ocean in the middle of December. With its green landscapes, multicolored lands, turquoise water, white sand, cuisine with colorful spices, and a rich and diverse wildlife, Mystic Suites & Villas invites you on the grounds of Mauritius to spend your winter amongst friends or family. And the star on top of the Christmas tree? Visitors can combine multiple perks for their reservation, such as early booking, family offer, longer stay advantages, etc.

To wrap it up with a bow, the content of your messages, their clarity, and their originality are the magical touch that will bring your holiday season marketing campaign to life. It is essential to communicate them effectively with your website visitors through personalized messages and formats to display them at the right moment to the right person, and to see the outcome of your campaign in real time. Whether it’s an Inliner, a mobile message or targeted towards low-intent users, make the most of the many options available to communicate your offers to visitors.

Different communication messages supporting the same warm Christmas campaign


Now it’s time to make this a December to remember and take the reins to boost your direct bookings. Still in search of inspiration? Check out 4 Christmas Campaign Ideas Every Hotel Should Be Using.

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