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UP Hotel Agency COVID-19 offer


Get a free Coronavirus status message added to your hotel website in no time. UP Hotel Agency fully appreciates the difficulty that COVID-19 presents to your hotel, which is why we are here to support efforts not just for our own clients; but all hotels during this testing period.

Up Hotel AgencyFor the duration of your hotel’s closure, our agency has taken a decision to make our proprietary website conversion tool, Sweentr available on a complimentary basis for all. Essentially, Sweetnr allows your hotel to add a callout on the homepage of your website to inform anyone visiting your website about your status during COVID-19.  Some examples already added for our existing clients are indicated below:

https://livezoku.com/ – callout at the top of the homepage
https://www.thegrove.co.uk/ – callout appears towards the bottom of the homepage
https://qbichotels.com/ – slide in from the right

Informing your loyal guests and site visitors is a necessary step to take, particularly as we don’t wish for any hotel to inadvertently compromise their long term organic reach or SEO potential by having to replace their homepage copy to accommodate a COVID-19 message indicating their status or any indication of closure.

A callout is a much clearer indicator to relay your current status to anyone visiting your website, without having any negative long-term repercussions in terms of organic traffic.

Our tool Sweetnr is fully customizable to the theme of your website’s design and can be injected for free through Google Tag Manager (GTM), which you may already have integrated.  Further details and information on how to get the message in place on your website are at the footer of this article.

This is just a small token of our agency’s support. We wish your hotel and your team’s all the very best during these difficult times, and we look forward to seeing all doors reopen as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Link to attain your callout > https://www.hotel-internet-marketing.com/free-coronavirus-website-callouts/

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The UP Hotel Agency team offers a diverse set of skills related to the world of marketing hotels on the internet. Having worked with a wide range of clients from international hotels chains to small boutique properties, the UP hotel marketing team have solid experience in formulating, implementing and managing successful online marketing strategies.

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