How Integration of a PMS Can Boost Your Hotel Revenue

Today, having an integrated property management system for running a hotel is essential. These systems help to make almost every aspect of running a hotel much easier and more efficient.

How Integration of a PMS Can Boost Your Hotel RevenueThe best of the hotel PMS options makes controlling and even automating different parts of the management process simple. Proper integration of the PMS can help to provide a single space where the various departments of the hotel’s system can connect. This includes front desk management, sales, payment processing, revenue management, and housekeeping, for example.

PMS Integration Can Increase Revenue with Brand Loyalty

Hotels want to make sure the guests have a great stay and are taken care of well. Of course, hotels also want to make sure that they are making money and that their revenue is going up over time. Using quality hospitality solutions like an automated PMS can help in several ways when it comes to your hotel’s revenue.

Hotel solutions like a hotel PMS allow you to track customer behavior, which helps with customer retention. Getting data and information from the customer that is stored in the PMS lets you know when that customer books another room with you in the future. You can use this data to provide them with a more personalized stay, which can help to build brand loyalty with your hotel. People are often willing to pay a bit more if they have a personalized experience that feels as though it is being specially catered to them.

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One of the other benefits that hotels find when it comes to using hotel solutions like Hotelogix is that it is cost-effective. With everything centralized and easy to manage, as well as automated, it can help to reduce cost and redundancy. Having a centralized system is well worth it, and it is far easier to integrate than many hotels realize. Even small properties will benefit greatly from using this type of hospitality solutions.

Channel Manager Integration

An integrated property management system that offers two-way integration with a channel manager is very important for any hotel that wants to have the ability to provide their guests with great service and who want to remain profitable.

Channel manager solutions can build links between the hotel’s booking channels and the PMS and revenue management system. Some PMS options have the revenue management built into them.

Channel managers will update the rates and the availability in real-time across all of the channels where you list rooms. You can list and update all of the rooms automatically across all of these channels. This is going to save time and it will prevent you from making mistakes and forgetting to change rates on one of the channels, for example.

Having a hotel system integration like a two-way connection between the hotel and online travel agencies allows for instant exchange of information. This is essential today if you don’t want to have problems with overbooking. When using a channel manager, the inventory will constantly be updated. If people book five rooms through one of the online travel agencies, your hotel’s system will update automatically, so you or other channels don’t try to book those same rooms for the same time.

With an integrated channel manager, other OTAs or even your direct booking, will not conflict. The inventory is managed easily, and you don’t have to worry about having irate customers who come to the hotel only to find that the rooms have been double-booked. Hotelogix along with its integrated channel manager can make sure that you never have to deal with the issue of overbooking. It is a quality software system that makes management of many different aspects of your hotel much easier, including your booking.

Integration Of A Web-Booking Engine

One of the other benefits of using integrated property management software like Hotelogix is the ability to integrate a web-booking engine to your site easily. It will connect with the other channels, as mentioned above, so you can be sure that direct bookings are not going to interfere with one another and cause overbooking.

Of course, there is another big benefit when it comes to direct booking. The online travel agencies help to increase the number of bookings that you have, but they take a percentage of each of the people who book through their site. This means that you are losing out on money with each guest that books through them.

Sometimes, this can be as high as 20%. By having your own direct booking on your site through Hotelogix, you are cutting out the middleman, which means that money goes into your hotel. Besides, you will even be able to integrate the booking system into Facebook. The followers on FB won’t even have to leave the social media site to book a room with you. Integrated property management software can provide a range of benefits for you and your guests.

When you have booking available on your site, and you have a site that is easy to use and offers a lot of quality information for the guests, they are more likely to use it. Don’t let the online travel agencies take all of the sales from you. They have their place and are helpful but having your own web-booking capability is very important if you want to boost your revenue.

Provide Personalized Services And Offers

One of the benefits of PMS is the ability they have to gather and store data that can be very helpful for you later. It is possible to learn more about your visitors and their behaviors, for example. You will be able to learn their date of birth in many cases, which can be used the next time their birthday arrives. Sending them a message through email wishing them well and providing them with an invitation back to the hotel is a good way to get repeat customers. Of course, you don’t have to wait for their birthday to do this and to provide special offers and discounts.

The information that you learn about the customer can also be used to provide personalized services. If they have certain preferences that they discussed on their last visit or that they put into a review, these could be addressed on their next visit. By providing a personal touch for the guests, you are going to be building brand loyalty.

Loyal customers are more likely to come back to visit the hotel again, and they are more likely to tell their friends and family about your hotel. Customer relationships are very important today, and when you provide great service, it can come back to you in the form of great reviews and increased revenue.

Hotelogix Has the Features You Need

The right hotel solutions can make a big difference in how well you are running your business. All hotels today should have PMS integration.

You will find that Hotelogix provides several benefits and will make hotel system management and integrated channel management easier. It includes a web-booking feature that you can integrate, along with housekeeping features, and even mobile capabilities. Performance reporting is available with the software, as well.

If you haven’t chosen software like Hotelogix yet, you are missing out on an easier and more efficient method of managing the property. It is simple to use, easy to integrate and can make a big difference in your bottom line.

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