Customer service as a key priority ― Make Your Hotel Special - Insights

Customer service as a key priority ― Make Your Hotel Special


Customer service has always been a key priority for the hospitality business as the industry revolves around meeting the ever-increasing guest expectations, personalized experiences, and improved functionality.

Yet, the research by the Hospitality Technology magazine suggests adding digital customer engagement to the list above: 52% of the hotels mentioned it as their top priority (source:

As a company that communicates and works with hoteliers, HotelFriend found it important to provide hotels with smart tech solutions for better property management, as well as exceeding digital guest expectations. With over 20 years of experience in software development and the hospitality sector, its team knows all the strengths, needs, and challenges hotels face. The company helps hotel managers increase the effectiveness of their work and ensure higher guest satisfaction by delivering high tech innovations and exceptional business solutions.

Customer service as a key priority ― Make Your Hotel Special

Here’s how HotelFriend products can help you:

  • Make your hotel stand out from the rest. The company’s products will provide your guests with the highest level of comfort. Hotel management software, Concierge app, Booking Engine contribute greatly to making check-in and check-out, service and meal orders, online payments, and other hotel business processes easy, seamless, and fast.
  • Work in a swift manner. The software does not hang or freeze.
  • Spend money more rationally. The company offers effective and innovative products at the prices which will suit any budget.
  • Offer easy-to-use solutions. You will not need any special skills or knowledge to use the hotel management system. It is truly user-friendly.
  • Control everything. Regardless of the size of your business, this software will help you manage many properties from a single interface. The Front Desk, housekeeping, and extra services (restaurant, guest orders, etc.).
  • Minimize errors and omissions. The HotelFriend team knows all the pitfalls associated with running a hotel and will make every effort to help you prevent them. Also, the reduction of errors helps improve customer service, and thus increase loyalty and satisfaction levels.
  • Make extra income from the hotel facilities and additional services. Thanks to Fast Lane technology, you will use each piece of property to the full. No more dead times.
  • Make your hotel more popular among tourists and locals all year round. You can use the software to create and promote attractive special offers and deals for all the seasons.
  • Improve hotel employee work environment. Thanks to the use of HotelFriend automation products, your staff will get rid of the most boring and tiring routine responsibilities and experience less stress. This will significantly reduce the professional burnout risk.
  • Keep your business data and personal customer data safe. The company uses cloud-based technologies, so you will not have to worry about any malicious attacks.

For hotels, it’s critical to be innovative and win at the technology game. Partnering with HotelFriend can be a step forward in improving your hotel reputation and generating more demand. Check out the company’s business solutions to make your hotel better and contact them to learn more. Open your door to success right now.

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