The Hotels Network launches SEMcheck to help hotel brands stay ahead of the competition online - Insights

The Hotels Network launches SEMcheck to help hotel brands stay ahead of the competition online

The Hotels Network, a hotel technology company who pioneered the concept of Predictive Personalization, has recently announced the launch of a brand-new product, SEMcheck.

The focus of this product release is to help hotel brands tackle a growing challenge that is affecting the hotel industry: competitive brand bidding. SEMcheck provides hotel marketers with the insights they need to better understand competitor activity on Google Ads so they can protect their brand online while optimizing their SEM campaigns.

Created specifically for hotels, SEMcheck uses big data techniques to monitor thousands of searches globally. The tool automatically detects any entity who is bidding on your hotel brand name or other relevant keywords, enabling users to monitor keyword search results in real time. One of the key differentiators of SEMcheck is that it not only provides details of competitor ads such as ad copy and average CPC but critically, a screenshot of the actual search results.

The feedback from hoteliers already using the tool has been extremely positive, with many citing how it helps their teams save time while enabling them to check live search results from anywhere in the world for a particular target audience. Users also highly appreciate the ability to see at a glance how their performance compares in the interactive dashboard.

Juanjo Rodriguez, Founder of The Hotels Network, commented, “The initial idea to develop this new product came from a recent discussion with one of our clients, a prominent resort chain based in LATAM. Speaking together, it emerged that a key issue related to their direct booking strategy was how to monitor bidding on Google in an increasingly complex online environment.” He continued, “With SEMcheck, hotel brands now have all the information they need at their fingertips to be able to lower CPCs, boost their campaign results and leverage valuable opportunities to win more direct bookings.”

If you would like to find out more about SEMcheck, please visit:


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