Why Hotel Operations Managers are Obsessed with this Communication Software

Finding new and innovative ways to help your team be more efficient is what hotel operations managers dream about.

As a former Operations Manager myself, I know how the hunt for the perfect team collaboration software can become an obsession and an all-consuming wild goose chase.

For today’s hotel operations manager, communication problems are a never-ending battle. The organizational chaos that ensues can be almost impossible to contain. Miscommunication is enemy #1 in hotel operations, and its devastating consequences can wreak havoc on almost every single aspect of your business. Each year, companies lose an average of $37 billion because of mistakes caused by bad communication. Yikes!

Maybe that’s why Beekeeper is coming up frequently in conversations among hotel operations managers. Why? Unlike other team collaboration software like Microsoft Teams or StaffBase, Beekeeper is the only internal communication solution that was built specifically for frontline employees.

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Beekeeper Features Hotel Operations Managers Love

End users love Beekeeper because it’s cleanly designed, easy to use, and the social media-inspired interface makes it very intuitive. There’s virtually no learning curve. Perhaps that’s why Beekeeper’s adoption rates are 500% higher than the industry average.

Out hotel operations managers love Beekeeper because it offers them all the operational features they need in one central platform. Here are some useful Beekeeper features that hotel managers will love.

Instant Inline Translation

Beekeeper allows hoteliers to break down language barriers on their teams. With instant, inline translation, hotel employees can easily communicate with each other and exchange vital updates and information.

As someone who used to work in hotel restaurants, having a resource like this would have made my job much easier. I literally learned Spanish so I could speak with the cooks. Otherwise, I would be completely in the dark as to what the daily specials were, items we had run out of, or why an order was taking so long.

There’s nothing worse than a chef trying to pantomime during a busy brunch shift that he doesn’t have strawberries for your customer’s pancakes. It’s incredibly frustrating and confusing for everyone. Especially the customer!

Hotel operations managers can celebrate the diversity on their teams, and build deeper connections with employees, which goes a long way when working to retain hotel staff.

Mobile Communication for Mobile Workforces  

Users have a number of secure communication options to utilize, depending on their needs. For real-time, direct messaging, employees can leverage  Beekeeper’s 1:1 messaging feature. For communication within specific groups of people, users can instantly create a group chat with anyone in the company.

One operational communications feature that our hotel operations managers find especially useful is Streams. Beekeeper streams are basically like an upgraded, digital version of a company bulletin board. Admins can create segmented Streams within the Beekeeper app that focus on different topics or departments like Customer Experience, Maintenance, or even Location.

Here’s what Streams looks like in Beekeeper:

Streams are a great way to share company announcements and important updates with your whole team. InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, Miami utilizes Beekeeper Streams to boost employee engagement. They have three Streams: Buzz (where colleagues post company updates), Events (which hosts posts about guest events) and Room to Grow (which is used to share open positions and professional growth opportunities). All three Streams are designed to facilitate two-way communication, giving every employee a voice within the organization.

Voila! Never get stuck shuffling through piles of unorganized paperwork trying to track down important information ever again. There IS a better way. And it’s called Beekeeper.

How Beekeeper Transformed Operations at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Jason Brown, Director of People Operations at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, recently revealed how he used Beekeeper to tighten up operations on his hotel team. He discusses how migrating operations to a secure, mobile platform has radically transformed the way his team communicates with each other.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge uses Beekeeper for daily morning rallies, employee surveys, and even to communicate during a crisis. When Hurricane Irma hit their property in South Beach, management immediately turned to Beekeeper to reach out to their team and make sure they were safe.

With an easy-to-use interface, advanced operational features, and a mounting number of customer success stories, Beekeeper is the clear frontrunner for hotel operations managers looking to streamline communication operations on their teams.


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