Farmers Blend fixes the in-room coffee dilemma

Hotels, no matter how luxurious, are renowned for having terrible coffee. When was the last time you heard someone bring up how good the coffee was at their hotel after being asked about their stay? Likely never. Hotels need to step their game up in the growing world of specialty coffee. While people are traveling, they are constantly trying to have a sort of base, and when that base is weak, the person’s day could start off badly; for many, this base is a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

Many hotel rooms come equipped with basic drip coffee brewers, and that would be fine if the coffee they provided their guests was better. The little single serve no-name bags of coffee provided with most drip coffee brewer are bitter at worst, or bland and flavorless at best. Even the instant coffee provided by hotels is typically sub-par, offering a weak and dry flavour.

Some hotels do have popular single serve coffee brewers that use pods of coffee grounds. While these are usually better than the bags of ground coffee as far as freshness goes, the pods themselves are also low quality and are brand-less as well, also offering the same dull range of flavors. The plastic pods are also terrible for the environment, much like plastic water bottles. At least paper filters with used coffee grounds will degrade in a landfill, as opposed to the plastic pods.

An alternative would be to simply purchase higher quality coffee for the hotel’s use to meet the demands of the growing wave of specialty coffee drinkers. Most of the coffee that hotels purchase is coffee that has been sitting in a warehouse for a long time that is sold cheaply at auction just to clear space.

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Another alternative would be a biodegradable single serve pour-over system like the ones offered by Farmers Blend Coffee. These are extremely convenient sachets full of freshly roasted coffee that are placed inside of a cup where hot water is then poured over top, similar to a traditional pour-over. These sachets are completely biodegradable, and are extremely fairly priced. This would give the guest the perfect cup of morning coffee to start their busy day off, be it a business meeting, or another long day of driving across the country to see family.


With the rapid growth of the specialty coffee industry, other industries, such as hotels will suffer if they stay stuck in their cheap coffee ways. Being the world’s second most traded commodity on earth, hotels cannot underestimate the power of this special brew and the effect it has on your guests experiences.

Farmers Blend Coffee Company launched in 2014 with the goal of introducing the exciting Vietnamese coffee culture to the world. With a strong focus on hospitality, Farmers Blend Coffee is able to customize coffee and directly export it to hotels around the globe. Farmers Blend specializes in in-room coffee solutions to match customers’ expectations. For more information, contact

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