Boost your coffee service through regionality

A negative consequence of the spread of franchised coffeehouses is that weÕve homogenized our coffee selection, which means that relishing in the nuances of a specific culture will automatically differentiate you from the competition.


Farmers Blend fixes the in-room coffee dilemma

Farmers Blend Coffee offers a single serve pour-over system with convenient, biodegradable sachets full of freshly roasted coffee. Place them inside of a cup, then pour hot water over the top, similar to a traditional pour-over.


Join us in freeing the world of bad coffee!

For the next four weeks, we are offering our Barista course “Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee” FREE for all takers – whether you are a barista, a hospitality professional, or simply someone who loves their coffee!

Global News

Coffee is key to business meetings

Hilton study polled business professionals across the U.S., UK and China to uncover the value of face-to-face interactions and specifically the role of coffee and tea in productive meetings.

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