10 Creative Ways Hotels Can Boost Revenue Through Upselling

In the competitive landscape of the hospitality industry, hoteliers are constantly exploring innovative ways to increase revenue and enhance the guest experience. Upselling presents a lucrative opportunity for hotels to maximize their profits while providing added value to guests. By implementing creative upselling strategies, hotels can drive additional revenue streams and foster guest loyalty. Here are ten creative ways hotels can engage in upselling:

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Global News

Third Quarter trading update to 30 September 2022

Q3 group RevPARa +28% vs 2021; +2.7% vs 2019, with Americas +6.8%, EMEAA (0.1)% and Greater China (20.0)%
Average daily rate +13% vs 2021, +11% vs 2019; occupancy +8%pts vs 2021, -6%pts vs 2019
Gross system size growth +4.3% YOY; opened 8.0k rooms (51 hotels) in Q3, similar to Q2 and ahead of Q1
Underlying removal rate -1.7% YOY; removals YTD equate to an annualised underlying rate of -1.3%
Net system size growth +2.6% YOY on an adjusted basis
The global system of 888k rooms (6,061 hotels); 67% across midscale segments, 33% across upscale and luxury
Signed 13.2k rooms (89 hotels) in Q3, similar to Q2 and last year; global pipeline of 278k rooms, +2.9% YOY

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