What questions travellers ask themselves before choosing a hotel

Choosing a hotelHotels offer travelers fun and spontaneous ways to relax after a long trip. The hospitality industry has continued to evolve with services ranging from economy to executive. 

And, if you have been a frequent traveler, then it might just mean that at some point in your travels, you’ve had to choose between the two.

Making such a decision requires that you have the right information regarding the hotel you’ll be booking. To help you out, below are five common questions people ask themselves before choosing hotel accommodation.

1. Where Is The Hotel Located?

The hotel location is a vital aspect to consider before booking. This can make or break the guest’s experience. Depending on how long they intend to stay, their daily activities, and itinerary, most people prefer booking into a hotel that’s strategically located. 

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Keep in mind that during their stay, the guest might need to visit shopping areas, banks, and whatnot.

2. How Inviting Is It? 

Are you a hotelier looking to attract more guests to your hotel? Well, one of the best things you can do is make sure the space is as inviting as it can get, right from the entrance, to the reception, and the rooms.

Besides making sure every space is super clean, well-furnished, and properly lit, adding a few décor elements like flowers can go a long way in helping guests to feel at home. If you think fresh blooms and plants are the way to go, services like Bouqs offer doorstep delivery to a wide range of those. You can even try their flower subscription which starts from as little as $40 monthly.

3. Are There Additional Charges?

Hotel and accommodation charges are always a major area of concern to savvy travelers. It’s common for some hoteliers to withhold such vital information from the guests. This is so unfortunate and an inconvenience to travelers. 

It’s for this reason that travelers seek to know beforehand the hotel rates, including charges for accommodation, meals, wellness, and other fees associated with their stay. 

Other questions that hotel clients like to ask related to this include:

  • Are the charges are all-inclusive
  • Will the fees include access to the lounge?
  • Will I have access to free Wi-Fi?
  • Are there additional parking fees?

These are just some of the many important cost-related considerations hotel clients make, especially when preparing a travel budget.

4. Will The Available Amenities Cater For All My Needs?

Besides being affordable, welcoming, and strategically located, clients are pretty keen on scrutinizing the crucial amenities provided in a hotel before booking in. They want a hotel they’ll feel the most comfortable in. 

Some of the amenities most clients consider include the following:

  • Swimming pool, gym, and spa
  • Wheelchair accessible elevators
  • Luggage storage options
  • Free parking
  • Room service
  • Concierge
  • 24/7 reception

5. Will There Be Parties Booked At The Same Time?

Many hotel guests want to avoid impromptu parties and midnight raucous gatherings. After a long trip, you want to avoid being in the thick of things by finding some peace and serenity in your room. 

You also don’t want to feel lost in between conference gatherings taking place a few feet from your room. It’s, therefore, an area that hoteliers want to be really keen about when managing their bookings.

6. Does The Hotel Guarantee My Safety? 

This is another important question clients ask before choosing a hotel. Is their safety guaranteed by the hotel management? They want to know if the establishment has hotel insurance that covers themselves as well as their luggage in the event of theft.

Before travelers pick a hotel, one huge thought runs through their minds. They know that the hotel will be their home away from home for the night, the next few days, or weeks to come. The last thing anyone wants is to have their vacation ruined by poor location, poor service, noise, or unexpected costs. 

Asking all the right questions beforehand is how hotel clients ensure they’ll get value for their money.

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