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Marketing consultant

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Jessica Perkins is a writer and SaaS marketing consultant who helps businesses scale up their marketing efforts. She is obsessed with learning and also is passionate about sculpting.

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How to Make Your Hotel's Back Office or Break Room More Welcoming for Staff

How to make your hotel’s back office or break room more welcoming for staff 

Investing time and resources into making your hotel's back office or break room more appealing and welcoming can have significant benefits for both staff morale and performance.
Procuring Contractors for a Hotel

7 tips for procuring contractors for a hotel

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Hotel Lobby

10 stunning (but simple) additions to your hotel lobby that will give it the “wow” factor 

Since your lobby can have a significant impact on how your guests view their stay, it’s vital that owners invest in its overall look. You don’t need a major renovation,...
fire risks

How to keep your guests and staff safe from fire risks

Keeping the guests and staff safe during a fire only requires some preventative planning and help from experts. Then if a fire does happen, you know that your hotel will...