The trump card that can dramatically increase your hotel bookings in 2022 - Insights

The trump card that can dramatically increase your hotel bookings in 2022

trump cardHotel businesses are starting a long recovery process and summer is not looking too bad. The pandemic is over (at least officially.) That’s great news.

But 2022 has yet another precious gift in store. You are holding a trump card that could change your hotel business.   

The general perception of hotels and hospitality has changed

People suffered through two years of isolation and dreary, repetitious everyday life. 

  • They are looking for new experiences. 
  • They want to find out more about what life has to offer.
  • They fear they’ve missed out. 
  • They are longing for meaningful and deeper conversations. 
  • They want to meet in person. 
  • They are longing for social spaces. 

The hospitality industry provides the spaces and solutions for these longings. You are in demand. You are in the driver’s seat. Make use of it.

Help your guests find what they are looking for, and re-position yourself, and who knows?

An era of endless commission and positioning fights with OTAs might end.  

Ad costs and commissions are going through the roof, you have no say in how they represent your hotel anyway – so what’s the point?    

People are craving “life”. They want to exploit, encounter, exchange, venture

And one of the best places to have all of that is a hotel. 

  • A unique and unfamiliar environment that lifts the spirits and inspires.
  • Interesting people eager for an exchange – the hotel team and fellow guests.  
  • The hotel lobby, the bar, the restaurant – all spaces that provide excitement, well-being, and lively conversations.

Help your guests see this and you will stand out. You don’t need a fancy marketing campaign or an expensive ad agency.

You only need to change three things: 

1. Stop selling rooms. Sell experiences.

People are passionate about experiences. That’s not a new trend. It’s always been like that. But this year it’s different. 

After two years in lockdown, people feel they need to catch up. So don’t highlight fancy rooms, but speak about the amazing experiences that are available at your hotel, or by staying at your hotel. 

Simple things as insider tips – your favourite places. People are looking for authentic and personal encounters. Recommend off the beaten track tours and adventures. 

Think “highly individual” and you’ll attract attention.  

If you are more into visual attraction: There’s a startup that gains more and more traction in the industry: Giggle tips. For a small monthly fee, they offer hotels a super attractive software to present experiences.  

2. Communicate with your guests.  

If you think nobody reads the words on your website, think again. 

Your words have an impact. Communicate with your guests. Get them hooked. Persuade them.

Most hotels have terrific, visually appealing websites. But that’s like visiting a fancy store and nobody talks to you. You’ll look around, enjoy yourself, and leave again.  

Invest in good copywriting and get across what makes your hotel unique. Authentic and with personality.

It makes a difference. Words sell. 

3. Don’t give your marketing power away.

Google’s algorithm has grown in a way that’s nothing short of amazing. You don’t need a sophisticated SEO strategy. It recognizes different versions of a word, it translates, it understands what belongs together.

The most important thing for good ranking? 

Content that is of high quality and truly helpful to readers. Help your guests find answers to their questions! The more you help them, the more time they’ll spent on your site and the more Google realizes this site is indeed important. 

Start a hotel blog, send out newsletters, but please – communicate with your guests. They are longing for connection. If you cannot do it on your own, outsource it. 

Long term, this is also an investment that might give you back your independence.

  • It drives traffic to your website.
  • You attract the guests you want to have
  • You position yourself as the go-to place for …
  • You stand out 

You are probably listed with an OTA. Then don’t do what everybody else does and simply list your product features. 

There’s a summary section. Use it to speak to your guests and with them. Let your personality shine through.

Describe a great experience.

And remember – not only guests see you marketing, but hotel professionals, as well!

Invest in your marketing this year and you are no longer a bed seller but soon, you’ll turn into a BESTSELLER! 

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