Why recent college grads should be on your hiring radar - Insights

Why recent college grads should be on your hiring radar

Hotel employment strategyWith today’s post-pandemic economy seemingly veering much more strongly toward favoring the employees, it can now appear to be even more difficult to secure a reliable, long-term team of workers for your hotel.

This fairly serious issue can be further exacerbated by the fact that while some workers may be expressing interest in finding gainful employment for the interim, that energy can quickly seem to wane as the training period segues into the prospect of a more permanent position. Therefore, finding the right fit can feel all but herculean in this unpredictable job market.

As a hiring manager or owner of a hotel, this can quickly point toward spelling disaster for both yourself and your business. However, there is one large demographic that many industries tend to overlook, and that’s the recent graduates. While it may appear as though these graduates might not be a good fit for your hotel at first glance, the fact is, they bring so much more to the table than you might initially realize. If you’ve been struggling to secure enough staff for your hotel, why not consider these five perks of hiring straight out of college?

They Are Still Flexible

One major issue across all industries is that many experienced workers come with a laundry list of expectations and demands. While that can certainly be reasonable, particularly since skilled labor does justify a certain degree of concession for employers, recent college graduates oftentimes don’t have these same preconceptions. Instead, because this might be their first real job out of school, they won’t push back against the listed employment requirements. You’ll be pleased to find that they have a fresh and open mind and are receptive to constructive feedback.

They’re Incredibly Enthusiastic

Another admittedly unfortunate downside to hiring seasoned workers is the glaring issue that they can occasionally be somewhat jaded. They may feel as though they have seen it all and done it all, so to speak, and they might not bring that verve and pep that a just-out-of-college person might have. Conversely, since these recent grads might view a job in hospitality as a fantastic opportunity to grow — as this is their first “real” career prospect out of college — they are going to show up every day with the mindset of doing their best and climbing the corporate ladder. 

They Are Squeaky Clean

One major issue that all hiring managers must face is trying to ensure that their prospective hire is a good fit for their hotel. Even if the candidate presents a resume with all of the necessary experience and training, there can be questionable gaps in their work history or discrepancies that require a closer look. College grads, however, generally have no such problems, as they can explain away their blank work history with their time in school. This can help make the background check for job hiring go so much more smoothly, as it’s likely they have nary a blemish on it.

They’re Not Tech-Resistant

Finding a seasoned, hard-working, and dependable worker can almost feel like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Furthermore, even if you do find one that meets your requirements, they may be somewhat resistant to the emerging technology that drives many modern hotels. However, recent college grads have no such hesitance, as they have been immersed in shifting technological trends throughout their entire life. Rather than balking at the concept of having to work alongside these technological tools, they’ll instead embrace it warmly.

They Can Be Surprisingly Affordable

Hospitality hiring managers understandably face a number of unique challenges when trying to find the best staff to help them operate their hotel. Their employees need to be able to meet certain criteria and be able to perform their assigned duties without issue, but they also need to be affordable, too. While it may seem as though these recent college graduates may come with a higher sticker price, the opposite is actually true. As they lack the experience that more tenured workers might have, they can also accept more affordable rates — and they’ll also work hard to earn that higher promotion and salary, too.

Despite the so-called new normal that has impacted virtually all industries, trying to find the best employees for your hotel does not necessarily have to be yet another obstacle for you to overcome. It’s especially imperative to be inclusive in your hiring practices, as ruling out entire demographics isn’t just unethical and illegal, but it can also backfire and harm you, too. By carefully leveraging your expectations and keeping an open mind about who is or isn’t a good candidate, you can help to make sure that your hotel is fully staffed with only the best and hardest working team.

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