Premium amenities to attract today’s hotel guests

premium amenitiesWhether they’re travelling for business or for leisure, today’s hotel guests have grown to expect a certain calibre of care when they’re away from home. No longer is it acceptable for them to have to pad downstairs to ask for a bucket of ice for their drinks or have to make yet another call to the lobby to request extra towels for the bathroom. Rather, these guests — whether they’re staying at five-star accommodations or the more budget hotel right off the interstate — deserve to feel welcome and appreciated when staying under your roof.

Because of this, the importance of providing them with high-quality, premium amenities cannot be overstated. After all, while the hotel is often the last thing on their mind when they’re visiting a new city for work or vacation, it will still leave a lasting impression on them during their stay. Most guests, whether they will admit it or not, often take mental notes as to how they felt they were treated when staying at a new hotel. And if they find that the amenities were to their liking, it’s fair to conclude that not only will they choose your hotel again the next time they’re in the area, but they’ll also recommend you to their friends, as well.

Greet them with personalized gifts

One of the best ways to make your hotel guests feel welcome upon arrival is to provide them with a basket of local goodies and treats waiting for them in their room. Something simple and straightforward, like an assortment of locally made pastries or fun, novel trinkets, doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money to assemble — yet it’ll speak volumes to your guest as to your appreciation. They’ll delight over it as they pick through the offerings, and not only will you be able to support local businesses in assembling the basket, but you’ll also be sure to secure a repeat and loyal customer from this gesture.

Impress them with gourmet coffee

These days, everyone is a coffee aficionado. While we oftentimes tend to pop into our favourite coffee chain for our morning pick-me-up, that first sip of coffee in the morning is always a welcome ritual. To your guests, making sure they get to experience that joy when staying at your hotel is something that will absolutely secure their repeat business. It’s important, however, to make sure you choose a brand that exudes class and luxury when you place it next to their in-room carafe. This isn’t the time to be hasty and select a bland, burnt run-of-the-mill brand. Instead, choose one that’s known for its quality, and offers an assortment of plain and flavoured creamers. Your guests will love it, and they’ll love you for offering it to them!

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Dazzle them with salon-quality toiletries

One of the most horrifying things a guest can experience when staying at a hotel is encountering refillable pumps of shampoo in their shower. To the valued customer, this exudes carelessness and blatant disregard for their comfort. Guests of all genders have their own particular grooming habits, and nobody wants to use harsh, caustic soaps and poorly lathering shampoos when they’re staying at a hotel. To make your accommodations stand apart from the competition, invest in name-brand, salon-quality toiletries for them. Shampoos, conditioners, and even body washes and shaving creams will transform their morning shower into a total spa experience.

Comfort them with plush robes and slippers

Most people have their own cozy, plush robe at home that they like to change into after their shower. However, these tend to be fairly heavy and bulky, relegating them to stay home and not join them on their trip. To help ensure your guests feel like they’re back at home, you’ll want to make sure they discover a luxurious robe and slippers in the closet when they arrive. Slippers are especially essential, as many people are understandably wary of walking on the carpet with their bare feet, even if your hotel is immaculate. Having women’s and men’s slippers with arch support, as well as an Egyptian cotton robe, will elevate their stay to the sublime.

Swaddle them in premium linens

After a long day of tedious business meetings, or an exhausting yet exciting day of exploring a new city, the last thing your hotel guests want are itchy, rough sheets and flat, lumpy pillows to rest their heads upon. While the rest of these amenities are certainly important, and your guests will remember them, what will really stand out in their memory is how well they slept when staying at your hotel. Taking the effort to treat them with a higher thread count set of linens, as well as down or memory foam pillows, will ensure they have a pleasant night’s rest — and unquestionably, they’ll want to come back for another blissful stay of good slumber.

Stand apart with quality

The fact of the matter is this: Your guests have a choice as to where they stay, and there are literally thousands of other hotels from which they can choose. While there are a few different things that can come into play when determining where they stay (such as cost, location, and reward perks), it’s how they felt when staying at a hotel that decides if they want to come back again. By taking the time to select these elite, quality amenities for your guests, you can help make sure that your hotel’s brand is the one that always comes to mind when they’re travelling — and they always want to come back to you for more.

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